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S.W.I.F.T. Magazine new logo and opportunities

Breaking News:

This is our NEW 2024 S.W.I.F.T. Magazine logo! (Created by our new graphics team member Camille Moore)

Please folllow our IG and Facebook page for inspiration and motivation.

To read the history of our magazine you can click the link

Attention: business writers, or potential writers & ambassadors, all articles are due on the following dates for 2024:

(Including sales ads)

Winter - January 15th

February issue

Spring - April 15th

May Issue

Summer - June 15th

July issue

Fall - Aug 15th

September issue

Holiday - Nov 15th

December Issue


Kristen Locke /

Camille Moore


Brandy Hunt

**Administrative Assistant

Alexis Young

**Event Planner

Nichole Henderson

**Visionary -CEO

Robin Shockley

Open positions: (all Volunteer)

*International Columnist Writers

(#Swiftmag is to help and power single women in focus today. Do you think believe in acheive with real life stories recipes beauty, tips, self-defense, and future marriage goals, written by single men, women in couples.)


*marketing sales / advertisement

(commission based)

*community outreach coordinator & helpers to assist with getting magazines in Women Shelters across country

*Ambassadors to represent with ad sales & products (commission based)

See website for history of S.W.I.F.T. Magazine

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