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PR Director Elizabeth Nguyen is featured as the Single woman in focus today cover for SWIFT Magazine

This months featured single woman in focus today is Ms. Elizabeth Nguyen. I met Elizabeth a few years ago at Professor Gary Lee’s event in Houston Texas. We instantly hit it off because we both are in the same industry of public relations. She is a beautiful woman who is making big moves in the industry as a single woman Infocus today. Be on the lookout for the issue featuring Ms Elizabeth and her story on Amazon for copies.

About our featured S.W.I.F.T. Magazine Cover woman:

Elizabeth Nguyen was born in Vietnam, she resides in San Francisco. She is the Vice President and Public Relation Director for San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival for 10 years.

Besides her profession as a San Francisco Realtor for over 20 years, she also does many public relation promotions: she represents Music and Film Celebrities, Entertainment Artists, Martial Artists and US Olympian.

She is also actively involved in hosting and organizing fashion shows, beauty pageant competitions, professional business mixers, charity functions, fundraising events, traditional cultural shows and sport competition events.

She is holding a Global Beauty Queen Title, 2021 Mrs North America Classique. She is well recognized by her spheres and her community. She has received many awards for her dedication and commitment in the film, entertainment industries and community service.


The magazine is geared toward “Single women in focus today”. The Magazine has various topics such as real life stories, recipes self-defense, beauty tips, motivation, and so much more that our contributing writers discuss; how you choose to be single, how you were single at one time and now you have a successful relationship or how you have to face obstacles of being single and the challenges of being single and the positiveness of Being single.

More information about the history and purpose here:

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