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Magazine Columnist launches her own magazine business after investing in others for five years

Hey there!  I know you’ve probably heard by now but the new and first edition of S.W.I.F.T. Magazine is ready for purchase on Amazon.


The magazine is geared toward “Single women in focus today”. The Magazine has various topics that our contributing writers discuss; how you choose to be single, how you were single at one time and now you have a successful relationship or how you have to face obstacles of being single and the challenges of being single and the positiveness of Being single.


God birthed this vision in me two years ago while traveling on the highway, after writing for multiple magazines for five years being a single woman after 28 years of marriage. I know what it’s like to struggle, rebuild and live single. On my 51st birthday, May 2022, I made an announcement publicly that the magazine now existed to help motivate & inspire single women that there is still purpose in being single. And here we are 1 year later. We have single men and women who are contributing writers for the magazine and married men and women who want to share their input to be helpful for the single woman in focus today.

Who knew that God could take my pit situations and turn them into purpose blessings. And it all started with me “telling a story” on social media many years ago when viewers saw my writings.

S.W.I.F.T. Magazine on Amazon: 

Single Women In Focus Today

This magazine is for all backgrounds, all cultures, and all genders to contribute. We have 20 plus amazing writers from all over the country contributing their input of opinions and thoughts to help motivate and inspire the single woman in focus today. 

Recently, there was a Unity Networking & Awards event that launched the first issue. Certificates and copies of the magazine were given out. Kristen Locke represents as the Graphics designer and coeditor with team mate Alexis Hance who helps with the structure of administrative services. We are growing and it's only the first issue.

The Vision for this magazine is so big and though the intentions are not to stay single in my personal life, the magazine will continue for years to come and grow to help give all women & men the opportunities to grow their dreams with writing and through reading the stories of the writers.

Contact one of our Ambassadors/Writers today to order your copy.

Some listed are included for Spring Issue 2023 and or will be added to the summer July 2023 issue.

Robin Shockley

Lois Cross Thompson

Joan Cisson

Ma'ta Crawford

Kristen Locke

Candace Brewer

Jason & Tinasha Gray

Alexis Hance

Crystal Rogers

Ashley Cooper

Freda Campbell

Nichole Henderson

River Jones

Calandra Barrett

Author Que

Vernay Dabney

LaVerne Adekunle

Natasha Betts

Felicia Greer

Antonio Williams

Khalia Latta

Elisabeth Godfrey

Professor Gary Lee

John WIlliams

Edwina Denise Burns

Andrella Hardin Carlton

Tonya Love

Gary Richardson

La Brisha DeUndra

Theresa Jones

Tina Bridges

Before I launched my very own S.W.I.F.T. Magazine, I SERVED writing for 5 years with various other magazines as well as being featured in countless ones I can’t even remember 👀 from inside the USA and even in India! 

Now I’m giving men and women opportunities to expand their gifts with a platform to write. 

The first issue is myself on the cover. And going forward with each issue the cover page will be someone of a true identity who represents the "Single woman in focus today”.

“Impacting one generation to another by the positive seeds we sow today” is part of my life statement and I’m grateful God gave me the gift to write so I can help others do so too. 

Thank you to the following magazines who allowed me to contribute as a regular columnist over the last five years: 

Bold Plus 

Pain 2 Purpose 

Scars of Survival 

Infinite Designs 

Your City 


I am forever grateful for the opportunities as they ALL  helped me get to where I am. I continue to write for  one of them today with my #tastefultipsandtrips food blogs. There is power in collaboration. 

Never underestimate the power of sowing  and investing. Now I have a huge writing team of men & women from around the country who support this new vision.  

And we are just beginning! 

Thank you for helping support small businesses and hope for all writers to keep believing we can shape our own lives through writing our stories. 

If you are interested in placing a business ad or either being a contributing writer or Ambassador for the Swift Magazine, reach out at 

Here below is a photo of my welcome letter for the readers. 

About The Magazine CEO & Content Creator

Robin Shockley: 

Robin Shockley is the Founder of “Focus Forward with Robin”. She is a Writer of magazines, and radio/TV Host, Actress, Community Servant-Leader, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Author of books. She believes there is freedom to move forward in life to think, believe and achieve a thing. 

Robin Shockley is a social media network blogger and interviewer who travels the country showcasing small businesses for social media branding through her expertise of Public Relations with writing and video WHY story interviews partnered with 106 Live Radio out of Atlanta and Mr Big South Music Management Stidio to feature Tasteful Tips and Trips Food Podcast in Charlotte. 


For events or speaking engagements that you would like Robin to attend in your city and 

for bookings email

Focus Forward with Robin brand issues to the public food & movie Reviews, press releases, articles,  and Focus Friday motivation speeches with #Focusforwardwithrobin at 

Folllow Focus Forward with Robin page on FB for motivational content.

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