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Choosing the right Relationship for Singles Women In Focus Today

I saw a video on what a woman wants last year right after a MAN sent me the video and said do not settle. This post is not specifically about any of my relationships that I’ve ever had but I felt it necessary to share my viewpoint as a leader of a single woman’s magazine with hopes that men & women will catch the message and evaluate what are your expectations for a Godly relationship.

I’m definitely not a go with the flow type of woman. I love surprises, but I like details. Many of us women are a purpose pusher & visionary. We set our mind in focus, and we go after what we want. And to take it a step further the mature women let the men lead as in the alignment of the Bible. However, a man must learn how to lead with effort before he assumes that role or trouble will rise.

when we are seeking relationships as single women, we need clarity. Clarity will make you thrive glow & evolve and your relationship will Blossom to the fullest capacity of Gods intent.

It’s important to set clear boundaries. Write out your expectations. Share the possibilities of growth and communicate in conversation.

When you are praying God specifically to send you the mate that fits your puzzle, be observant. Watch for the responses, and the actions not just the words. And don’t listen to other women and men who are negative and have history of controlling attitudes. You know what you want and desire so never settle, but be willing to compromise if God is steering you in that direction, not other people.

Communication, consistency and compassion from a man is a must to outlast the difficulties in relationships.

Know when to pull the plug, but also know when to handle with care.

There will be signs that will show you so don’t avoid them or prolong them because you could be blocking your destiny!

ladies if a man is truly into you, he will go the extreme against all odds, to hold on to what he has with you. If he has five dollars in his bank account and he wants to see you for a date but he can’t afford, he is going to go all in verbally and take actions in other ways until he can physically see you. Just like women and man does what a man wants. He is a lion who goes after the hunt. Never forget that ladies. When you want somebody full-time, you have to make it known to that person that is your expectations.

However, when a man knows that you are affected, he will do everything he can to bring that peace to you. And as his woman, you should be willing to go the extra steps to take action, and show him the same in return.

That is a sign that you hold onto him. But if he’s choosing not to make the effort, nor give you the compassion that you desire that matches your love language, that’s a huge red flag.

Maturity is not tit for tat, but taking ownership and accountability in the relationship.

There is nothing wrong with being specific about the things that you want. Many people say don’t tell somebody what you want upfront let them show you. But I believe let somebody know your intentions and give them time to process and decide if they are your match.

Everyone have potential to get the role of a husband in this interview process but NOT everyone has COMMITTED ACTION to fulfill the job full time! know the DIFFERENCE

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