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New S.W.I.F.T. Magazine ready for purchase on Amazon

We are so excited to anounce that the first issue of 2023 Swift Magazine paperback of 86 pages is ready for purchase online at Amazon.

What is #swiftmag? it’s a seasonal magazine book geared towards single women in focus today with articles of but not limited to; beauty tips, recipes, self defense techniques, reality stories and motivation to help empower single women. This vision came from a moment two years ago while traveling on the highways between Georgia and South Carolina for stage play rehearsal of "Mama they didn't mean it" by Keesha Rivers. When every trip the Creator of the magazine would see the big trucks with the "SWIFT " word driving on the highway.

Instantly the first time seeing the trucks the words, "Single women in focus today" pipped up in Robin Shockley's mind. She had no idea it would become a magazine. She thought it was to be maybe a podcast or motivation message for a future speaking event. And then one day she walked into a store and met co-editor and graphics designer, Kristen Locke. She shared with her the vision that this is supposed to be a magazine and she was all on board to help support.

That was the first step of action. And then on Robin's 51st birthday at her party in May of 2021, she announced that she would be launching one day a Magazine called S.W.I.F.T Magazine. That was the second step.

And here the team is today. After many hours during the months brainstorming, publicizing the idea and with nine states later representing, they now have the first issue of 2023 S.W.I.F.T Magazine ready for purchase. The Swift Magazine launch will take place on May 27th 2023 at the Unity Networking Night in Wellford SC at the Bella Vista Venue Hall. Radio Station Owners, Jason & Tinasha Gray of 106 live Radio in Atlanta and contributing Writers for their Epic Marriage Ministry, will be highlighting the night for the writers. Jason & Tinasha also are Honorrees for the Professional Maximizer Awards too at tge Unity Networking Night. Details on this link;

This is sure to be a wonderful night celebrating each person who has helped bring this vision to life.

There are contributing writers from all over the country men & women single & married who are sharing their stories and thoughts. Contact one of the Ambassadors/Writers on social media today to order your copy from them personally.

All those included for the Spring 2023 Issue:

Lois Cross Thompson

Joan Cisson

Ma'ta Crawford

Kristen Locke

Dr. Candace Brewer

Jason & Tinasha Gray

Alexis Young(Hance)

Crystal Rogers

Tangie Roseboro

Ashley Cooper

Freda Campbell

Nichole Henderson

River Jones

Calandra Barrett

Author Que

Vernay Dabney

Dr. LaVerne Net Biz

Natasha Betts

Felicia Greer

Antonio Williams

Khalia Latta

Elisabeth Godfrey

Professor Gary Lee

Dr. John WIlliams

Edwina Denise Burns

In addition as new writers, Coming up for May 2023 issue, articles will include from these writers:

Theresa Jones

Laura McCoy Swinney

Billy Wayne Swinney

Tonya Love

Gary Richardson

If you would like to be a non paid contributing writer to build your writing platform but earn an opportunity for commission with sales ads, email for more information.


Single Women In Focus Today

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