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The timeline of my life

God is in this story God is in the details….

When I was a little girl, my parents would take me and my sister to Furman University and hide Easter eggs every year to the same spot. I’ve been to this campus thousands of times. From as a kid at Easter to as a teenager cruising around with friends and walking on a cool summer day, to coming to the lake bench arguing with my finance’ and breaking up to later having my wedding reception at the staircase dinning hall, to my children and granddaughters dance recitals, to my children’s high school prom pictures to their high school graduation days to picking up numerous students as a part time driver and carried them back safely as they lived their college years of exploring life. It’s been a journey here at Furman University College, and I’m never even took a college course here.

But TODAY as I passed by what started my life journey through easter egg hunts and spring flowers at this well known college here in Greenville South Carolina, I look at life differently.

Those are just memories. Although they are memorable moments, that’s exactly what they are. It’s time for a new beginning by writing the timeline of my life. I’ve never done that before.

It’s going to take work because God has been showing me. He is in the details, and he is in the story of my life. There are messages that are to be told that are going to impact so many people in a positive way by the stories not only that I have already shared, but what I bring forth through my writings.

I claim that one day somebody is going to pay me in advance for the chapters of my life because I know in my heart, it’s going to be a best seller. Not just a best seller for the world to see but a bestseller for the generations that will come after me for such a Time as this God shall get the glory in this story.

What is the story of your life? Maybe God wants you to write your memories good and bad down to create a timeline so that he can show you something specific that aligns with your purpose. Don't miss the message when it's right in front of you. Look for the signs that can help you find your way to the potential purpose & passion for your life.

I was just passing through dropping off Customer and Gabi came to speak when I had a memory come to my mind. Today choose to recognize God is in the story and God is in the details.

I was just passing through dropping off a Customer and God came to speak when I had a memory come to my mind. Today choose to recognize God is in the story and God is in the details.

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