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Focus Friday challenge

Updated: Apr 6

Focus Friday: someone brought to my attention recently that if you are a Boss Lady, you know it, you don’t need others to tell you. I agree to that. However, when a Boss lady walks in a room, and she is not acknowledged with respect & honor for what she brings to the room , then maybe it’s not her questioning her qualities, but the ones who are missing the value of her.

Never lower your self respect to fit in a room! “Be YOU” your superpower is that YOU are different and there’s no real comparison. Each woman has unique qualities and if a person ministry or business miss those qualities and doesn’t show you the respect it’s not up to you to have to always explain, but to use your power in different ways than just words. I learned a valuable lesson recently, that I’m a different breed and nobody can take that away. I control my own atmosphere.

Challenge, this weekend focus on your strengths and how you can make a room work for you. Remove all negativity of distractions even if it cuts personal with you to obtain the goal you desire. We are powerful women and we are destined to success in whatever we find our hands to do!! Happy Friday! 

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