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Unity Networking Night to showcase businesses in the community at Bella Vista Venue Hall in Wellford

Updated: May 21, 2023

Registration is NOW CLOSED but details are below about this wonderful event showcasing four different styles of business all in one night!

There’s NO competition but only collaboration!

The 1st Annual Unity Networking & Awards Night honoring small businesses in the community around the country through entertainment and entrepreneurship with the Professional Maximizer awards presentation and recognition of the S.W.I.F.T. Magazine writers. Here is the YouTube show of Focus Forward with Robin on 106 Live Radio with Michael A Embry Sr. Highlighting the event.

All this is taking place at Belinda Richardson Gleaton Bella Vista Venue Hall in Wellford SC just a few min from Gville & Spartanburg on May 27, 2023 from 6pm - 10pm. The location is 311 Spartanburg Highway, Wellford SC.

This is a sit down dinner and RSVP is required to attend to make sure that Chef Karisha Catering & Co. LLC has plenty of food to serve the guest. The meal will include chicken Marsala, green beans mashed potatoes roll tea and lemonade. Some of our desserts are catered by Veronica Cox with Ve'Sugar She is providing a birthday celebration cake, two fruit trees, candy apples, a blue chocolate fountain for strawberries, some cake cups and cheesecake cups. You will definitely want to make the connection with these Chefs.

Everyone in attendance must register here to get in with FREE attendance. We will be accepting donations at the door to help cover expenses for the night experience. Please direct those who wish to attend & to support as a business, fill out this form. This is NOT the Vendor form. (Vendor details below)

Registration form to rsvp your seat at the table:

**This event is NOT for children. Optional choice to purchase wine or champagne will be served.

This is a business casual dress event for adult business owners.

Its going to be an amazing night!

It is a free by optional donation. Which means that donations will be accepted to cover the expense of the venue awards and recognitions.

As we honor our leaders in the community, we also will have a few Guest Speakers to share their experiences to encourage us to grow forward in business to reach the next level of potential and success.

With the help of partner, Michael A. Embry Sr. Celebrity Boxing Ambassador and Founder of Rising Star Talent Group, Focus Forward with Robin is pleased to make this community connection and partnership to highlight Entreprenuers at this event.

Get in the room and let it work for you as we are going to have some amazing people from all walks of life being honored from around the country as well as performing. This is a Unity Networking Night to showcase others with entertainment and business branding with TV exposure.

Vendors only pay $50 and get a 30 sec pitch at event plus free ad in magazine must register asap for Vendor spot here - share with someone who needs exposure. Optional table provided. Please let us know if you have a table.

Vendor form to rsvp your space here

Vendors, what a great way to network. You also receive a $25 free business card ad one time in the Swift magazine that is for single women in focus today. It's a print magazine and group page as welll on Facebook here:

Michael A. Embry Sr and I are excited to have Black Genius Big Time Entertainment Mr. Tim Coles out of Baltimore Md. (aka The 410 DJ Tim) to represent our 1st Annual Unity Networking & Awards Night on May 27th 2023 at Bella Vista Venue Hall.

The Unity Networking Night is going to be lit with great music in the room!!!

Also the event is going to be televised live with B.R.E.A.D TV hosted by the one and only Kswab Stevenson with ATLonfia. The show will then be edited for television after on Amazon prime Roku and YouTube. This is definitely the room to get in that is a community networking night to showcase small businesses with honoring with awards and recognizing the magazine writers.

Here’s the link if you’re interested in being a vendor

A huge shout out to our Biggest Sponsor 106 Live Radio out of Atlanta Georgia who has created all our marketing content for this event from videos, audio and flyers.  

If you are a business and you would like to sponsor this event in any form, with media or photography reach out to myself, Alexis Young or Michael Embry Sr on social media to receive perks with advertisement on the Focus Forward with Robin Show or with the S.W.I.F.T. Magazine. We want everyone to WIN!


The Launch details for the magazine is here:

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