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What’s Your Shift?

Lawdddd Jesus!! Driving at various times I can’t decide what shift I’m on. First shift second shift third shift fourth shift or fifth, as I have no idea what shift I’m on….. this life is complicated and I’m only human as I feel like a octopus sometimes with so many tentacles fixing so many things at once with personal business and relational…. And I can’t catch up’ so I just breathe.. i’ll take a time out for a Pause… I enjoy moments that I’m blogging enjoy moments of talking to friends on the phone I enjoy a moment of riding listening to my country music I enjoy a moment of watching movie‘s enjoy a moment of just staring out at the trees…… to know there is life beyond what I see!

 I’ve got too many shifts happening in my life at once and I’m not always talking about the car driving. Absolutely no complaints it’s just that I recognize it and I know God is making moves he’s weaving out things bringing attention to other things so that the better things can arrive.. it’s all a part of his plan. 

I embrace this process what I handle it’s not something that somebody else can handle and what somebody else can handle is not something I am meant to handle. So be careful before you start commenting about your opinions about what A person should do or not do.

And think about what is it that you should do to recognize the shift that’s taking place in your own life and work on those changes to improve and be a better you for a successful rest of the year.  we are all dealing with something and we’re all dealing with changes. The new season has arrived whether we want it or not. It’s a new day for reality! I am learning one day at a time to embrace the process and be at peace with that…… 

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