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SwiftMagazine 2024 Due Dates for articles and ad sales

Interested in joining an empowerment movement for women on an international level? Contact Robin Shockley.

Attention: business writers, or potential writers & ambassadors, all articles are due on the following dates for 2024:

(Including sales ads)

Winter - January 15th

February issue

Spring - April 15th

May Issue

Summer - June 15th

July issue

Fall - Aug 15th

September issue

Holiday - Nov 15th

December Issue


Kristen Locke /

Camille Moore


Brandy Hunt

**Administrative Assistant

Alexis Young

**Event Planner

Nichole Henderson

**Visionary -CEO

Robin Shockley

Open positions: (all Volunteer)

*International Columnist Writers

(#Swiftmag is to help and power single women in focus today. Do you think believe in acheive with real life stories recipes beauty, tips, self-defense, and future marriage goals, written by single men, women in couples.)

*marketing sales / advertisement

(commission based)

*community outreach coordinator & helpers to assist with getting magazines in Women Shelters across country

*Ambassadors to represent with ad sales & products (commission based)

See website for history of S.W.I.F.T. Magazine

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