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Swift Magazine Summer 2024 fifth Edition features Cover Woman Lia Latta

The Summer Cover Woman issue of S.W.I.F.T. Magazine is hot off the press featuring


Khalia (Lia) Latta is a native of Baltimore, Maryland who is currently residing in Atlanta

Georgia. As a child, her family recognized her passion for acting and performing arts. At an

early age, her mom enrolled her in ballet classes. As a young adult she began taking acting

classes at the Arena Playhouse, in Baltimore. The Arena Playhouse is the oldest continually

performing African American historically community theater in the country. She studied many

aspects of her craft by participating in acting classes, seminars and workshops.

Lia performed in several stage plays and participated in different areas behind the scenes. In

addition to acting, she expanded her artistic passion through writing. She has authored three

novels, “Girl Next Door” “Hottie’s Revenge, The Sequel” and “The Single Mingle Jingle”. All

are available on Amazon.

Her trailers to Girl Next Door are shown on YouTube @fictionsovivid. She was also a

background performer in the original film, “Guns and Grams”.

As an actor and writer, Lia prides herself in having a chameleon personality who is able to

transition between many different roles and situations. Some of her attributes are her

adaptability, perseverance, dependability, flexibility and dedication. Nothing is complete in her

eyesight until it is exceptionally done. She contends that her gifts and vision come from God and

must demonstrate her best efforts.

Part of Lia’s growth has been to use every opportunity to broaden her experiences in the

performing arts. She is a singer, screenwriter, promoter, production assistant and formally road

manager for G&G productions. She believes that her willingness to work in any area will give

her a wider perspective of her profession. Lia is presently working on her stage play, writing, and

filming her project, and is now a columnist writer for SWIFT MAGAZINE. She will attest that

every area will help her to learn more and will make her a better artist.

We are excited to highlight this Queen on the Cover of our International Magazine. The Summer issue is soon to be released in August of 2024. In this issue you will read food recipes and restaraunt reviews, martial art techniques for self defense, as well as real true life stories of single women in focus today how they choose to focus forward in their daily lives.

The Visionary of the Swift Magazine is Robin Shockley. You can read the behind the scenes story here :

As you read this article you will find out how this vision came to life in 2022 but the “idea of it” was thought a year prior.

Editor Brandy Hunt helps oversee the editing stages of the articles to highlight our Writers.

Graphics Designer Camille Moore takes the Vision and creates a unique look for the Cover as well as portions of the inside layout. And of course Alexis Young, who helps coordinate writer agreements, and documents through email communication. Without the S.W.I.F.T. Management Team working together, the Vision couldn’t be fulfilled. It truly is with great appreciation for an amazing team to have stepped up this year to bring this dream to fruition.

Founded by the visionary Robin Shockley, SWIFT Magazine stands as a beacon of light and hope for single women everywhere. Single Woman In Focus Today, SWIFT, is more than just a publication; it's a movement dedicated to the growth and empowerment of women navigating life solo.

Whether you're looking to deepen your spiritual roots, advance your career, or enhance your personal life, SWIFT Magazine is your go-to resource. Each issue is packed with insightful articles and tips covering everything from healthy relationships, beauty tips, health, and dining out. Our content is tailored to inspire and support you in achieving a well-rounded, fulfilling lifestyle; even as a single woman. Embrace your journey with SWIFT Magazine—where single women come into focus, today and every day.

Want to know more how to advertise to show support? The mission is to get atleast one magazine in every state in the USA. The goal can be made possible with the help of business advertisements and Sponsors. Please contact Oublic Relations Dire for and CEO of Swift magazine at to make the connection.

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