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She believed she could so she did and helped others do it too

Come into my home and see what I see. I look at this wall of Honor and I see Jesus all over it…. I dont see the medals but I see the message behind the medals. It’s more than an award for me and that’s what I hope to express to my guests at the 1st Annual Unity Networking & Awards Night who will be receiving the Professional Maximizer Award.

On this wall I have a scripture.

I will walk by faith that even when I cannot see second Corinthians 5:7

This picture was given to me during a Christmas game in 2017 and this was the gift I chose at Christmas time when I knew I was about to walk out of my marriage in just a few weeks and nobody in my family knew it. But yet it was this picture that was given to me as a confirmation sign to have faith on the new journey that would await me.

The tiny plaque is a definition of what my name means Robin- shining fame. 1st Chronicles Chronicles 28:20 "The Lord will be with you he will not fail you nor for sake you until you have finished all that work” My legacy bought this for me in seventh grade who is my grandmother Shirley Carlton. This is the only thing I have that she has ever given me. She has been my prayer warrior since childhood and encourager my whole life.

The three metals I’ve received in the last few years from non profit Come on In Inc out of Colorado the Distinguished person award, International Extraordinary People Awards woman of the year and the United States Presidential Medal for Volunteer Service represents my heart for the people of the world. I have always stated "if you ever recognize your potential you will discover your purpose if you discover your purpose your passion will be obvious"

So with that particular quote I've written and lived by, I have chosen to live life to the fullest.

The word photo “ she believed she could so she did” was given to me by a dear friend Who I look up to in business and it's a reminder that I chose to think believe and achieve the Vision to do all the things God birthed in me but didn't have the courage until I had to let go of some old ways, one being fearful.

And lastly the small write up on the wall that states:

“ I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure I never have to look back again and I’m moving forward to be the best version of myself possible”

These are words that a young man helped me write several years ago when I was trying to pull myself together to catch the vision to focus forward. (He was like a son to me but a business minded mentor very young and by the way, who says that the young can’t teach you?)

Yes, this is my personal wall of honor. I look at it every day and I am reminded only by God‘s favor and grace that I’ve been able to take what has been given to me and pass it on and that includes peace love and harmony always. I’ve had some bumps in the road but they’ve been stepping stones for My growth. And it has allowed me to pass it on to someone else to be an encouragement . So if I can rise from the pit to purpose anyone can.

This is my five year celebration I have a new brave and bold life and it just keeps getting gooder and gooder as they say! I shout “thank you Jesus” for never giving up and never allowing me to give up either.

I definitely have learned to find peace in the progress.

If you have a dream take it, don’t waste it. I learned a long time ago if you don’t do it somebody else will. Dreams don’t wait on you. You have to embrace them and you have to go after them. Today I encourage somebody out there who is a dream chaser who has a goal getter spirit but don’t know how to make it happen.

The choice is yours. Get yourself in rooms, get to know people let the rooms work for you make the community connections find out how you can help sow into others and watch God‘s Blossom blessings come back to you!

Robin Shockley is a native of Greenville SC but travels all over the country with her PR business promoting small businesses and impacting lives, not limited to, but mostly in the music & movie industry. She brings her advocacy skills of caring for others whether it be youth or adults across the globe helping impact positivity as being a Domestic Violence Advocate, Actress, Author, Radio/TV Talk Show host with “Focus Forward with Robin”, Media Publicist and contributing Writer for various magazines such as her own S.W.I.F.T. Magazine geared toward single women in focus today. Robin is a servant leader coach and Public Motivational Speaker who helps others to believe in the power of positivity no matter what your experiences are if you Choose to think believe and achieve a thing through serving community.

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