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Self reflect day!

This is a hard pill to swallow. And it takes a lot for a person to admit their own issues and transfer from a Victim to an Overcomer. I used to be a woman who griped complained who was very angry and bitter. What circumstances I went through may have caused this, but does not excuse it! My ex used to say “I didn’t know any better” after doing the hurtful things and saying the words. There was no accountability. And you know what? I became the same type of woman right back to him as he was as the man. Then I leaked this negativity onto my family and it reproduced bad attitudes with them to in certain ways. What you allow around you negatively it grows on you like a bad cold and becomes contagious! Then your family and friends catch it and it doesn’t go away until they get their own medicine to get healed. We have to daily check ourselves.

The difference between me and some others is- I woke up! I got up! I decided - God help ME! Change ME!

With His help over the last 7 years I worked on rebuilding a new Robin. And in the last three years I created boundaries to not let controversy take over. I received healing. Forgiveness of apologies that I never got. And the freedom to set guidelines what goes in my heart and what I give out. This is how I chose to “focus forward” in my life. I also ask for forgiveness and repent as well. However it’s not up to a person to decide whether a person forgives but it’s up to you to try to make it right. Everyday I try to walk in peace the best I know how.

Some people don’t like the new person because she may had a bad attitude at times, but she let people dictate how she lived her life instead of being the free bird she knew she was. And so they rather have the old comfortable same as always version instead of the new that had her own voice that ruffled some feathers in the flock!

Once I checked myself, and held my accountable to a high standard, with getting help, God was able to work in me and through me. Now, when people don’t like that I have my own opinion about subjects in conversations, boundaries have to be set. Maybe it’s walking away for a season or maybe it’s speaking up to defend yourself or maybe it’s holding your tongue and changing subject.

It’s all a part of protecting PEACE within with what works for YOU! I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’m still growing everyday!

Can you say the same? In order for healing and restoration to take place in someone’s life- there has to be ownership of mistakes and grow to rebuild a better you! Refuse to be victim and be an overcomer! God wants you healed! Stay the course. Don’t be swayed by those who can’t see what God is doing. I’m rooting for you! Just hold on and keep letting God prune you and shape you, he’s rebuilding a better version of you!! Focus Forward with Robin

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