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Only for a moment

Woke up this morning with a Horrible headache from tears last night, but thank God yesterday is just a memory and today is a dawning of a new day.. So now that I’ve moved on from that emotion, my thoughts are…..

Now what can I do to make today a success?

We all have seasons in our life where we have moments. I don’t know what came over me last night while I was driving. I began to cry thinking about a few things. Things that I cannot control. And I was wondering what in the world did I do wrong in this situation. Oh you know how we do, we get in our feelings and we get to questioning. And these are things people don’t want to talk about they want everything to be perfect. And you are expected that you cannot have emotions that you cannot have times where you’re not always put together.

Don’t get me wrong I love to drive and I love talking to people while I’m in the car working, but last night I was sniffling alittle too loud and my customer heard it. So She did what I normally do, and she said a blessing over me that whatever was wrong would be okay and it sure did help. 

Last night I was overwhelmed because I had just come off this major time of working a couple of jobs plus trying to squeeze in some priority time for myself and it all just came together with a lot of thoughts about holidays, single life, family and relationships, bills, money, work etc..

And I just had an emotional moment.

Now The question is what do you do when you have these moments?

For me I tune in to some motivational speeches and I also listen to some uplifting music. I get words in my ear that helps me focus on positivity and getting my thoughts back on track. I actually listen to Tik tok funny videos too.

I also call a friend sometimes if necessary and when I need to vent. (Which I did last night and that helped!)

And most importantly for me is I pray! I know that God is the answer to all my worries and all my concerns. I’m always praying for the peace that passes all understanding on to other people so I need to make sure I cover my own self too.

If you are having emotional moments where you may cry or you may get sad or you may think about things that used to be that are no longer or you may think about things that you want but you can’t change what it is for the better and you have no control over the situation it’s OK for you to get in your feelings for a moment. The keyword is for a moment!

Stop letting people tell you that you are in your feelings too much and stop letting people control your thoughts of how you are supposed to feel. 

However start taking control of your thoughts and shift them over to the power of positivity. Choose to think good thoughts happy thoughts peaceful thoughts joyful thoughts loving thoughts etc.  and get yourself surrounded by somebody who can be compassionate with understanding and not with a judge mental attitude assuming they know how are you feeling.

Not sure why I felt this way because this is not usually me. However maybe God wanted me to feel just so I could take the time to write about it. Over the last few days I’ve talked to a couple of people who have been in their emotions & they’ve been sad about a few things and maybe I felt this way because I was supposed to be able to comprehend so that the message can get out that it is OK to be in a moment but just don’t choose to stay there.

Start today with a fresh new thought to think believe so you can achieve what’s wrong it is that you want to accomplish to make today successful! You got this!!! I am rooting for you and me! ✌️❤️🎶

By the way right after I was in my own little moment of despair a woman gets in my car very classy woman proceeds to tell me about her son who is addicted to heroin for half his life and now he’s an adult in jail.  I immediately jumped out of my feelings and I started to pray with encouragement to SPEAK LIFE for this woman and for her son.  she said he has his choices in his life and she realizes she can’t keep rescuing him he has been through several different rehabs. Just like with you and me nobody can rescue us we have to decide for ourselves if we want to stay in our moment of sadness or do we want to rise up out of the pit and be purposeful.  Its a Choice and today I choose success! I choose to speak life! How about you?

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