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How to be a Boss Lady in the media industry

When you are a BOSS LADY you work as a collaboration not competition! Robin Shockley

Some people will talk to you and want to help you grow while they are growing. And some people shut down when you’re around because they see you as competition because you’re in the same industry.

I have built my name and brand from the ground up 5 years ago. I didn’t know but one person in media and from that I’ve connected with hundreds of people. I got myself in rooms and I let the rooms work for me. One of the music artist asked me at my Unity Networking Event “how do you know all these people?” And it’s simple. I learned from the book “how to Win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie.

I Took my skills of how I’ve been a people person and connected it to my heart to see people succeed. And over the years I’ve built amazing friendships and business associates from that simple way of living.

I have been in many locations around the country with people that are wiser and smarter than me and they were doing the exact same thing that I was doing in the industry. But I did not appear arrogant or that I knew it all. I watched I listened and I grew from that. I found ways to connect to help other people while I was trying to help myself. And because of that I became a social success.

Here’s your focus Friday wisdom nugget:

As you are building yourself with whatever your brand is in this business life be sure to stay humble and communicate and never ever think that you are above anyone or that someone is out to be a competition with you, because just maybe, that someone may be there to help you.

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