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Focus Friday cleanup

Good evening kings and queens! What a day this Friday has been! I have been listening to music playlist of. Michael Buble’ and doing some cleaning all day in my lil home.… but I want to publicly make an announcement that I just spent the last 3 long hours cleaning up my social media accounts reading messages on the back end of my messenger that went all the way back to 2020!! I am exhausted! And I still have not even got my hair fixed or make up on or dressed for the day! Oh goodness!! And wow, I just realized I have not even eaten breakfast lunch and now dinner. 

I handle all of my social media platforms myself and I did not realize I was this backed up. For those that think I sit around and twiddle my thumbs and get upset when I don’t respond to your messages immediately today, this is my reason why!

These are what the messages consist of as I went through them:

I had people reach out to say thank you for sharing my stories that they too were overcoming obstacles. Also people who wanted to send me their books and wanting to send me their clothing line to advertise as well as schedule me for Interviews.

I had strangers messaging me telling me stories about other people and bashing them and putting people down that are my friends thinking I am going to make a choice to not like them just because of what they’re telling me. 

I also had messages from people from other countries telling me that I’m beautiful gorgeous sexy sending me dirty photos as well as saying that they love me and don’t even know me! geez!

And I also was receiving messages of people putting me down for the way that I stand in my pictures and videos and the way that I talk saying that when I give recognition to a person, I’m pointing my finger in my poses & that it is offensive to them who I don’t even know 🤷🏻‍♀️.

And I’m so grateful for the critiquing as well as for the celebrating but geez handling your own social media accounts is very exhausting but I am not in no way ever going to change it.

It may take me a little bit of time to get back to you on your messages but I will definitely prefer to be personal with each person I come in contact with. I am making it a vow now to not wait so long to follow through on those messages on the back end. Please forgive me! 

I’m working on some new things in a new direction in the way that I handle my business accounts as well as my personal life. I am truly grateful for those that love me and know me and follow me to support me for the purpose in which I’m called to represent Focus Forward with Robin. I may not personally get to be with you one on one and shout you out all the time or meet up with you for lunch or dinner but please know I’m very appreciative for those of you who are not just stalkers on my pages but you interact with me and you believe in me.

Now I’m going to go get dressed fix my hair put my makeup on and figure out what’s for dinner and then get back on the highway for some driving tonight to hopefully get people safely where they need to go. 

What’s the purpose of this message? let me share, its focus Friday so what I chose to do is take time to clean up some things. It took alll day to get it done but it was necessary.

Your challenge This weekend is choose to focus on the little things that are actually big things that need cleaning up such as your home or even your messages like my situation.

You never know what blessing you could be missing by not checking those messages! 

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