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A Rebirth of a Woman

All right news alert: The last five years I have learned so much. Here is a simple breakdown glimpse of Robin Shockley in five years with the words God gives me every year before the new year begins.  

New brave: 2018

I had to learn to live on my own and adjust to a different lifestyle of singleness that I wasnt used to after being married 28 years. I learned how to use my voice to speak and tell my story “my way” without intimidation by family & friends.  I learned to truly love myself again. I even put a new tattoo on my wrist “new brave” to remember this was the beginning  of something great to come.    I began blogging and videoing my life situations and writing them down in magazines as well as doing media interviews with my “Focus Forward with Robin” show traveling six hours a month to Atlanta. I was beginning to be noticed and getting featured in multiple magazines.  This was the beginning of living beyond what the natural eyes see.  

New Bold: 2019

I stepped out into the world of media more and began getting myself in rooms to network. I hosted events and hosted Red Carpets making connections.   Little by little I began to talk and date and go places by myself and travel too. I even traveled 5 hours away to meet a date.   I was on a search for what I felt I wanted and needed and I began seeking who God wanted me to be.  Traveling became my sanctuary and I realized I loved the journey.  I also began flying more this year. Focus forward with Robin was on the go and making moves.  

New Fearless 2020

Despite covid, I feared nothing. I gained my perspective to get  back to believe in love and being a hopeful romantic.  I broke many hearts and  I had my heart broken but learned to rise back up and get back to loving myself again. I also became an Actress. I discovered I loved it and that gave me more connections in the media world.  I was recognized for numerous awards for my humanitarian service and my community connections. I was continuing to travel and meet people from all backgrounds and nationalities. I wrote my first devotional book “Catching the Vision to focus forward” that sold 70 copies in two months and partnership with another collaboration book.  I guess people wanted to know my story.  Every room I would get in was an opportunity for me to share a piece of my life in a form of networking. The focus forward with Robin movement started to catch on and people truly began thinking believing and achieving their own life dreams because of me being so vocal with mine through social media and public speaking. 

New Different: 2021 

I explored more during this year with flying multiple times and made some amazing business connections and became the queen of networking. I also launched my PR abilities and began learning how to use those services.  I traveled the country to various cities such as Baltimore New York Hollywood Chicago Colorado and experienced a wonderful adventure lifestyle.  I also made some wrong choices with wrong people and my exploring led me to a path of almost destruction financially. I stayed solid in my faith and people looked up to me But after three events of being stranded at airports in cities, I regained my confidence and I bounced back to my God fearing womanhood and walked away from a bad business relationship. I lost faith in people and found myself in a mental abusive relationship that I fought so hard to leave when I was married.  I had friends who got me through it and the year before God led me on a two year fast and consistent time of communion everyday. I believe because of faithfully being in communion with God daily praying & communion that was my protection. Several times this year my life was in danger from car wrecks to traveling and God‘s hand still was protecting me from harmful situations. 

New Reality:  2022

Because of the trauma I experienced in 2021, I was very guarded with business relationships and I also pulled back on dating. However I continued being transparent about my life experiences with the focus forward with Robin movement.  I focused more on exploring opportunities to connect with other streams of income too. I was building my empire all these years with interviews, writing, and community service and didn’t even know.  I realize it happened so fast because Gods favor was on my life and I knew he was working it all for my good.  So many bad things could’ve happened to me over the years.   But God still kept me so I continue to walk by faith and not by sight believing that there was more for me to discover . 

I embraced the trust again with business and began acting more.  I also became a radio personality In addition to my regular on the go interviews.  Tasteful tips and trips food blog became more active and Focus Forward with Robin has now became a well known brand name. I also launched all my 51st birthday the idea of starting a magazine of my own for single women in focus today.  The vision came from all those hours of traveling back-and-forth to Atlanta a few years ago. And now it’s in the process of being developed in 2023.

January 5, 2018 I begin a new journey in my life. It was different from what I had always known as being a mom a wife a church member and leader of the community.  I had to embrace the idea of living alone in

A small apartment without the amenities I was used to.  I was   being single and settle free and truly understanding who I am and why I am created to be here on this earth in this generation in this time. Financial blessings came out of nowhere.  Over the five years there have been times I would not have hardly no money in my bank account and then boom someone would send me a cash app as money or bring groceries to my door or fix brakes on my car. I learned the concept two sow where you want to grow. I have invested so much resources time and money into people and God has truly blessed me back.  

Five years has taught me the good the bad the ugly and the fruitfulness of life.  I’ve lost family members & friends with relationships & death but I’ve also gained people in my life who truly care about me And who want to see me succeed. 

My life has been an interesting phase these last few years I have discovered that there is life beyond the trees and there is a life beyond what reality seems. I’ve had the courage to step out into my new brave and the new bold identity to be a new fearless unapologetic woman. and embrace the new different of what my new reality truly is. 

What is to come for the small town girl with big city dreams of Robin Shockley  in 2023?

 Stay tune because it’s an ever growing “new process” that is being developed every day. (That is the word for this year) 


Should my life story be put in a book a play a documentary or a movie format?  The possibilities are endless. Each year describes a short version of a long list of experiences with adventures of developing the rebirth of a new woman. 

This is my life. This is my story. May it help you know more about me but also challenge you to know more about yourself.  If I can come from a pit situation and make purpose with it so can anybody. The possibilities are endless when you choose to think believe and achieve! 

Happy prosperous new year 2023 the best still yet to come! 

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