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When your stalker becomes your special friend

This morning I’m praying, and my FaceTime starts ringing… it’s sweet Tommy boy aka my stalker! I finish my prayer and I come sit to enjoy the coffee and call him back. He’s 94 years old, broke his leg and went through rehab and now back home. I met him on fb and drove to Fayetteville GA, 3 hours once just to meet him in person.

People thought he was my stalker, but he turned out to be the sweetest old man who followed me on social media because he fell in love with our friendship and he always checks up on ME! Even when he was in hospital, he called me!!

He sometimes sends me old YouTube movies because he knows how much I love Audrey Hepburn.

Also, Articles have been written about him in the newspaper, he a popular local in his town and when he drove before the accident , everyday he would hang out at Broadway Diner.

The reason people thought he was my stalker because they assumed by his profile picture that an old man wouldn't be commenting On Facebook post. He would comment on everything.

We have been friends 3 years now. I’ve visited him at Broadway Diner a few times for lunch. He once brought me flowers from his garden. But we’ve communicated by phone alot and he always checks on me. He worries about my driving alone traveling.

When he called I was in the middle of my morning prayer and communion and prayed to the Lord to send his angels forth to move on my behalf and to stop any blockages or delays of my delievies due to me, physical emotional financial and spiritual…

Well immediately God worked on my behalf emotionally because it made me feel good to know I’m loved by someone who doesn’t want anything from me but friendship. I cherish this so much!

As I sit here I think, what if more people were old school like Tommy? With no agenda but just genuine friendship. I remember he used to tell me stories about his late wife. She was a nurse and he adored her. He said they would go Dance randomly at places and even dance in the home.

Today I’m thinking about where I am in life. I know I’m called for things to do, but I also know I sometimes want a simple life and keep quiet Then God reminds me “Robin you’re not simple”

And I guess, if I was simple I wouldn’t have branched out of curiosity to travel 3 hours to meet someone who thought he was my stalker just to find out he’s a sweet old man who has a big heart that everyone in Fayetteville Georgia loves.

I’m a people person. I connect with all ages, race or gender. Don’t put me in a box because I’ll prove I’m not meant to stay there.

Often times, people tell me they live for my stories whether it motivation videos or car chronicles or just blogging.

God has given me the gift to gab and I guess that’s why people who are like my Tommy boy loves our friendship.

Through my friendship with Tommy I’ve learned, phone calls are important. Taking time to enjoy your atmosphere and enjoy being around people is important. Ringing someone flowers to help them smile is important. Be willing to take chances of the unknown is important. Going down memory Lance of positive parts of your life that brings happiness is important. Sweet Tommy boy made my day when he called me today….

Find you a friend today that is different from you. You never know what you can learn from it.

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