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“When the meaning of Carolina shine on um comes to light”

Did somebody say horses, trail rides, country dancing and family fun? Oh yes! Mr. Big South Music Management team has journeyed on a new adventure with the Carolina 2x Shine theme.  From the backwoods of Morganton North Carolina, Phillip Pearson, aka “Carolina 2x Shine”  is stepping into the trail ride arena for live performances across the southeast.  

He is known for his interactions with the crowd he projects from the night clubs of his generation to the clubs of the community such as the Boys and Girls Club of America. Wherever he is, he pulls the crowds attention to the front of the room he is working and gets them involved. 

Two weekends ago on March 11th 2023 while performing and interacting with the crowd at a trail Ride in Nashville NC, a Russian gentleman shoots a pop gun off into the air.  Instead of telling the truth of his reasons, he said that “we, our team”  told him to do it.  

Let it be known, no one person from our brand “Carolina 2x Shine” told this man to do anything.  

However, because of gossip and rumors, word of negativity began spreading and one of the trail-riders who scheduled us to perform backed out of allowing performance for their event coming up.  

Tonight March 25th, while in Iva South Carolina At the Upstate Trail-rides, LLC event, we were told by the DJ operating the sound of the night, that he refused to allow my client to perform.  He gave excuses why we couldn’t use his equipment for technical reasons. Our videographer explained, and walked through details that it was possible. We knew what was going on, but Finally, our gentle and humble kindness of the Carolina Shine had favor.  

Later, after meeting the President of the event from the night,   I personally was told myself that the rumor had spread about the gun incident in Nashville NC  all the way to Iva SC and that’s why we were being band to have a performing night. 

This saddened me as I proceeded to share our passion for purpose with music for the trailrides to Jeremy. After breaking down the details of the incident, he understood and offered to help support good positive vibes about our name brand “Carolina 2x Shine”. 

The crowd and the kids loved the performance so much that we even made some community connections with some of the local Vendors.  We are very grateful to Upstate trail rides and the DJ to let us perform and we look forward to performing at more scheduled future events with the trail riders community. 

At this time we will not discuss any further details about the incident that took place in Nashville other than what has been stated. Later on in future weeks we will do an official exclusive interview with Mr Big South, Carolina 2x Shine and Focus Forward with Robin about how we choose to keep our Carolina Shine on with good attitudes.  

Every situation has an opportunity to learn a lesson.  I hope with the experience that the public understands what it means to listen to false information verses going straight to the horses mouth for truth.  

For future performances & media info to support Mr Big South Music Managemet and his client Carolina 2x Shine (

Contact PR Robin Shockley or Mr Big South Manager on all platforms of social media. 

For future bookings with the brand “Carolina 2x Shine” you can reach us at the following: 

Manager Mr Big South

(980) 313-1094

PR Specialist Robin Shockley 

(864) 313-4964 

Folllow Focus Forward with Robin Reviews, press releases, articles,  and Focus Friday motivation speeches with #Focusforwardwithrobin at for content.

Robin Shockley is a social Network blogger and interviewer who travels the country showcasing small businesses for social media branding through her expertise of Public Relations with writing and interviews connected with 106 Live Radio out of Atlanta. For events that you would like showcased in your city and For bookings email

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