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Focus Friday daily growth

It’s focus Friday!! What are you doing daily to GROW? Let me share a story.. a few years ago when I owned a thrift shop business, a very classy woman came in to Legacy Tree Thrift Shop. She has come before a few times. But this time was different. An opportunity opened for us to chat and I was able to share with her how to recognize her purpose. She broke down and cried in frustration because her storm was so bad. I told her to notice the signs! They are all around. I prayed with her also for His perfect peace. And I shared if you really want to walk in your calling, you have to "sow where you want to GROW" not just go there.. but really GROW. Because to be fruitful and multiply you have to get rooted to be planted and planted to blossom and blossom to bloom! That is when you are making a difference when other peoples lives are transformed.

So, with this said, what is your agenda for today to help you get to the success of your tomorrow? "Sow where you want to GROW!" Hope this helps someone, it did me!


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