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Single Men in Focus

The best part about being single is recognizing the single man who just wants your time vs your body! Five years has taught me a lot. when people think I don’t pay attention, I pay attention. I’ve had some amazing conversations with some great single men who are walking the single life. Some of my closest friends are single men, and because of that they’ve been transparent and been honest with me because they trust I won’t judge who they once were or who they are working to become. And those are the ones who I respect & can honor the most.

I just want to say thank you to the single men out here who are trying to be great and trying to stay on task with your vision and your dreams with hopes of one day having a partner by your side to support you. And thank you for being the gentleman to not take advantage or manipulate, but to show respect and dignity to your opposite gender the single female. And  despite what obstacles you face you keep hope alive in you and for that, it encourages us who are single to not lose our hope.

Single men, Continue to stay faithful to your mission because we are watching and we are rooting for you.


A single woman in focus today

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