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S.W.I.F.T. Magazine Promos

Hello, I am a contributing article columnist for S.W.I.F.T. Magazine.

Also I am The founder & creator of this magazine.

I have has been writing for magazines for five years and now I have created my own magazine for the single women in focus today. You can go to my website to read some of my articles and what I do for the community world wide. (

We are offering opportunities to expose your business internationally with pricing ads. If you would like to be a sponsor to donate or either have your business advertise in the magazine please reach out to me

Robin Shockley ( and I can direct you to a representative or Ambassador in your city or state.

We also would like to give these magazines out to the women shelters in various cities to give hope to overcome obstacles while reading our articles if we collect enough ads during the year. Will you consider helping support? Again, please reach out to myself, Robin Shockley to make the connection.

Also, Here is the link to join our Facebook group page that is geared towards single women who are in focus today. We have single men, married men and women, along with single women who are writing columns with motivation, recipes, and education for our magazine across the country.

Please invite others to join our group page on Facebook.

Stay tuned for updates!!!

Thank you for considering to help support this magazine as well as benefit your business.


Robin Shockley

S.W.I.F.T. Magazine

Focus Forward with Robin

#swiftmag (hashtag)

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