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Robin’s top 10 steps of a Professional Maximizer as a Small business grows to positively impact

Below are a list of ways I've been able to follow through with the "Professional Maximizer" mentality. May it help you in your steps of success in your journey through an entreprenuers life.

*Robin’s top 10 steps of a Professional Maximizer as a Small business grows to positively impact : 


Practice makes Purpose - when you are building your business brand, you speak over yourself with confidence. You choose to speak words of affirmation until you have the confidence to share those affirmations with others pertaining to your business. 

Ideas won’t work unless you do - write down your goals and thoughts to create an action plan. Who is your target market? How will you make the connection? Research on the internet similarities of your field of operation and work to learn techniques to create for your own business. 

Utilize social media (IG Tiktok, FB LinkedIn, YouTube, website) Create pages outside of your personal pages and use one brand name for everything. If you have multiple businesses use website name as the same as your pages. Go on those pages randomly and ask  question pertaining to your business to see what responses you get. The person responding could become a client. 

Get in the rooms - not only go to networking events use your brand to speak about it everywhere. The rooms will work for you when you casually have conversations with people in public places or even on social media. A room could be any location. The key is being confident in how you share about who you are. 

Consider your business as a lifestyle,  not a job performance- when you are working your business people will feel your vibe. They will know if you are passionate about it and they will know if it’s a job. Your posture and eye contact will show them if you’re just doing to get by or if it’s a job that’s become a lifestyle to help others gain access to whether from service or for a career. 

Sow where you want to grow- learn to invest in yourself with Training and volunteering in the areas of your business. Doing this, will not only teach you new service qualities for your position but it will also give you an opportunity to make connections with the community. 

Become a community connector- don’t be prideful to share about other peoples businesses with your friends and clients. Becoming a person as the middle man you could be the very link to help someone else but at the same time gain you access in favor with a future business connection. If you know somebody that does a website refer them out and exchange information. That person may not need your services in the present moment but they will remember that you were willing to help assist them so therefore it’s possible when they do need services of your own they will come to you. 

Stop comparing your progress and wins to everyone else- you are your best advocate so therefore if you want to be the best version of yourself in your business you have got to look at your own self and not at what other people are doing. You have to create your own unique style. Maybe you have a way of wording things or maybe you have a way of making people laugh use that to your advantage in your business. Find your special niche and call it your own.  

Make sure you are protecting your energy at all times- In the field  of industry that you are  in, you are going to have opposition with people who are going to test you. And they’re going to look down on you and they’re going to judge you based off what they think they know about you. Whether it’s somebody from your past or maybe it’s a family member or someone you know that doesn’t support your business. You have to look at the character of the person and you have to decide is this somebody I’m going to value what they’re saying or is it somebody that is not going in the same direction as I’m going in. You have to decide who you’re going to omit from your business life. To help protect your energy you have to learn to keep family friends and business are separate. So stop trying to convince people to support or do business if they clearly say no or are negative. Although you are youAlthough you may get excited about the great things that are going on, sometimes less is more and you don’t want it to be wasted energy. 

Be consistent in communication with clients and coaches even if it is inconvenient at times for you-  If you say that you are going to follow through with the client to do a project or provide a service then you need to stick to that. Also focus on staying consistent even when you don’t see results immediately. The challenge is to hold yourself accountable with a mentor or a coach even when the convenience is not there. In the long run this will show you how much you value your business when you can follow through the process to completion until the next process begins that you choose.

If you can commit to these 10 steps you are a true professional maximizer. “A Professional Maximizer is a man or woman on the rise reaching higher in his or her personal life as well as career despite the odds against them. He or she is a champion in all aspects and chooses to see the best in self as well as others. This person chooses to think believe and achieve goals and is the trailblazer rock for all who connect. He or she walks in brave and bold identity as he/she chooses to serve community and those close in business.  He or she is fearless and courageous making positive impact for future generations.” 

Who is Robin Shockley?

Robin Shockley is a social media network blogger and interviewer who travels the country showcasing small businesses for social media branding through her expertise of Public Relations with writing and interviews connected with 106 Live Radio out of Atlanta  For events or speaking engagements that you would like her to attend in your city and 

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