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One connection to another

Wow! Back in 2022, I met a man Mr. Brian Hudley who I interviewed his instructor at the Celebrity Roast in Houston Texas. He connected with my good friend dr John WIlliams who told him about my Focus Forward with Robin show in Atlanta. And so he called me wanting to introduce me to two grand master martial artists who are hosting a womens empowerment day in Atlanta teaching about self defense & proper use of fire arms. So we connected and Im excited that on Sunday January 8th at 3pm I will have these two lovely grand master martial artists on my show!!!! They are hosting the boldlybeyou women’s empowerment event in Atlanta Georgia February 4. Below is their Story:

Our Vision: Boldly Be You is a movement of empowerment to assist women and young ladies to rise to their full potential and expand upon their inner strengths & greatness. We are senior ranking Martial Arts Women who have jointly come together to provide a spiritual haven of love, power & strength for women to challenge their inner warrior called self. By utilizing the Martial Arts/Sciences, Meditation, Prayer, Fitness, Nutrition & Mental Wellness, we can all be that woman who is self-protected, loved, with a healthy healing mentality, as well as, be fit to handle life's raging storms.

Focus Forward With Robin Shockley Tune in & Listen LIVE 🎧 Sundays at 3-4pm EST

View us LIVE: 106 Live Radio Facebook or View us LIVE: 106 Live Radio Facebook or

Thank you Dr. John for this referral!!

Know someone who wants to book a show to Get their brand or exposed? Contact your girl Robin Shockley at

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