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Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Who is ready to be in the studio of Atlanta with your girl Focus Forward with Robin show? Booking interviews NOW!!!! DM me or email

If you are in Atlanta Georgia or travel to me at the studio on the dates of the show 1st & 3rd Sundays from 3-4, Travel fee is different than Greenville SC. If you want extra package opportunities for 2023, we can add the PR prices and create a package for you. If Focus Forward with Robin travels to your area it's different fees.

Let’s connect!

Contact me NOW to lock in your date!!!

Focus Forward With Robin Shockley Tune in & Listen LIVE 🎧 1st & 3rd Sundays at 3-4pm EST

View us LIVE: 106 Live Radio Facebook or View us LIVE: 106 Live Radio Facebook or

💫 Click The Link In The Bio…⭐️

Who is Robin Shockley?

Robin Shockley is a native of Greenville SC but travels all over the country promoting small businesses and impacting lives mostly in the music & movie industry but loves helping small business owners get the positive exposure they desire through her international brand "Focus Forward with Robin" . She brings her advocacy skills of caring for others whether it be youth or adults across the globe helping impact positivity as being a Domestic Violence Advocate, Actress, Author, Radio/TV Talk Show host with “Focus Forward with Robin”, Media Publicist and contributing Writer for various magazines such as her own S.W.I.F.T. Magazine that is being published January 2023. Robin is a servant leader coach and Motivational Speaker that helps others to believe in the power of positivity no matter what your experiences are if you Choose to think believe and achieve a thing through serving community.

You can book Robin Shockley for services by contacting her through her website

As of 1.01.2023 the following prices are adjusted for Emcee Hosting, Interviews, video drops, magazine articles, etc.

Local Greenville SC interviews 

Are $150 with photos flyer and Tik tok video. (In person )

Virtual interviews are $150 flyer and no videos or photos. And can be done through 106 live Radio. 

Out of town such as Columbia SC charlotte NC or Atlanta Georgia areas is $225 if I have to travel to you.  

  If the travel is over 3 hrs, transportation and room stay is added. (I travel all over the country for interviews) 

Photos and videos included with interview. 

In the studio of Atlanta Georgia with their TV and radio airwaves of 106 live radio is $225. With a full hour every 1st & 3rd Sunday only from 3-4. ( if need to schedule another day for virtual or in the station airtime add $25 to equal $250) 

You get to select a song choice and use 1/2 promotional flyer(s) of your choice to promote who you are.  

However, if you travel to Atlanta or live there you get 2 interviews (one in studio with me & one after with me) that covers focus forward with robin platform as well as the radio station platform.  I also do photos and fun videos for tiktok to promote.  Only if you come to studio for that price!  

Also if interested in An article write up,  fee is $100 without interview but $75 with paid interview. Includes 3/4 photos of your choice and submitted to select magazines that Focus Forward with Robin writes for. 

Let me know if interested and we can make it happen!  I would love to know more of your story and know about your vision and passion for what you do. 

If you are  interested in public relations services the interview is a priority to take place first and is considered a consultation to get to know you and your vision. Or we can just do interview that is promoted on my website YouTube LinkedIn Facebook and Instagram. If you are serious about moving forward to promote yourself with media outlets, don’t hesitate.  Contact me today!  

Robin Shockley- PRAgent. TalkShow Host.  Community Advocate. Professional Maximizer Entrepreneur. Motivational Speaker.  Actress. Author/ BLOGGER & Magazine Columnist

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