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I choose to keep my clothes on

Motivation Blog

I was thinking today I know people make a living doing modeling in swimsuits and things like that. This blog is not about that. But some of this younger generation feel they have to make things so seductive with their bodies to feel like they’re accepted because that’s the generation we live in. I’m talking about shaking their butts on camera and feeling themself, and they dont even have the security of their own bodies.

In the world of business that I’m in I’m surrounded by models who are in music videos with butt cheeks flapping and boobs hanging loosely because that’s what the visual eye of this generation and a little bit of the older generation want to see. I’m not judging negatively I am speaking boldly with a purpose to give options to help.

I have people that I’m associated with in the music and in the film industry so please don’t take this personal what I’m about to say. I understand sex sells. We can’t change the direction only enlighten the awareness of it.

However for me personally I’m thankful I can keep it classy with my “clothes on” and still feel attractive about myself and confident even though I’m a thick woman.

This blog is for the young girls out here trying to find their way trying to find their purpose and doing whatever they can to be with anybody to make it to the so-called top of the world.

These are the women I want to influence, these are the women I want to say to their face, you matter and you don’t have to take sexual pictures & videos publicly for someone to approve you, if that’s your why for doing it.

I’m all for taking sexy pictures privately and giving it to your man as a gift and so forth but blasting yourself on social media looking half naked is only going to attract a man that is not wanting more than just sex.

I know this to be true because I have the majority of people that I speak to and have mentored about this are MEN from ALL ages.

From the calculation of converstions, guys don’t trust the young woman. They feel she shows off too much and can’t commit, so they continue to go in cycles guarded. They have also said, younger women want attention so they argue to get it. But yes, the guys like the aggression sometimes and the sexy appeal so they stay close by to the same kind of character instead of truly going after what he’s worth having.

In conclusion. I feel that until we get healing from our mama and daddy hurts, women are going to repeat the behavior of showing their bodies off for affection but never be healed and keep it going for generations to generations.

What can we do as a mature faith base generation to bring change and make a positive impact?

My mother once told me that love covers a multitude of sin.

We have to go deeper than just the surface of judging the actions of someone. We have to truly care with action of love.

We have to be willing to take action whether it is to offer a positive prayer or a positive solution of mentorship or connection to another arena that is hopeful energy.

Also driving for Uber I’ve met strippers I’ve met prostitutes and I’ve met young girls who have actually told me things as to why they do what they do. All I’m saying is I don’t write this blog as a negative judgment but offering a solution for change. So yes this blog is for the mature and for the ones who can actually handle what’s been written.

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