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GRAND OPENING Flying Biscuit breakfast in Charleston brings  southern hospitality to Ashley Crossing

Updated: Jan 13

GRAND OPENING Flying Biscuit breakfast spot in Charleston South Carolina  bringing  southern hospitality to the meaning breakfast bundles. 

Tell all your friends, family coworkers, that Breakfast at West Ashley‘s LLC DBA Flying Biscuit Café, will be opening a new restaurant  in the coming weeks and will  be catering to the public with five amazing meals at a total cost of $17 the first week of opening. 

The first day specials will begin on January 29th through February 2nd, 2024.

Also to add to the excitement, the first hundred people to attend on Monday, February 5th 2004 will receive a Flying Bisciit T-Shirt. And those who attend on Tuesday, the next day willl receive a Flying Biscuit travel mug.

So be sure to attend this amazing Grand opening of West Ashley in Charleston South Carolina.

Monday - 

 $1 “Breakfast Bacon Egg” 

 three pieces of smoked applewood bacon two eggs Cooked your way the signature “creamy dreamy grits“ one biscuit with cranberry apple butter. 

Tuesday - 

$1 “Flying Biscuit Breakfast” 

Chicken sage sausage patties, two eggs Cooked your way the signature “creamy dreamy grits“ one biscuit with cranberry apple butter. 

Wednesday - 

$5 “High Flyer Breakfast” 

2 chicken sage sausage patties two eggs cooked your way creamy dreamy grits one biscuit cranberry apple butter w/ one buttermilk pancake

Thursday - 

$5 “Eggsstravavaganza Breakfast” 

two pieces Apple smoked bacon one chicken sage patty, Two eggs Cooked  your way creamy dreamy grits one biscuit w/ cranberry apple butter in addition to half of heavenly wheat French toast with honey glaze raspberry sauce


$5 Award Winning bowl of  creamy dreamy shrimp & grits

served with the Flying Biscuit and apple butter

Come to 2245 Ashley Crossing Dr. Unit 16 Charleston, SC 29414. (Ashley Crossing Shopping Center) soon to celebrate this exciting moment. The final date will be annouced soon.

Catering is available as well as hiring all positions now as an equal opportunity employment. Contact Summer Lee 

843-640-3774 for more details.  

Business hours 

Monday through Friday 

7 AM to 2 PM 

Saturday and Sunday

 7 AM to 3 PM

About the Charleston location of the Flying Biscut 

The Flying Biscuit Cafe’ is a small chain across the country but what is so unique, each owner gets to showcase their own style of art and creativity that matches the area of the location they chose to put a new Flying Biscuit Restaurant.  

Owner, Summer Lee of the Flying Biscuit that is soon to open in Charleston South  Carolina says the reason she chose this particular chain to invest in was because as long as the recipes stay the same, she can design as she likes. 

The artwork in the room is vibrant and an attention grabber.  On the walls you will see history portions of Charleston such as the train that reminds us of the Underground Railroad that began in this city. 

 Also the Angel Tree largely painted on the wall with the cities name beside it that is very popular will have the travelers asking questions. And to add,  who is the vibrant curly haired woman with the wooden spoon in her hand? Well it’s none other than the business owner herself of this soon to be great establishment.  This isa personal goal for the owner as she has traveled to Charleston for over 30 years and now is pleased to annouce The Flying Biscuit Breakfast place will be opening soon.

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