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Focus Forward with Robin visits The Station in Simpsonville SC

Focus Forward with Robin

visits The Station in Simpsonville SC .

So this happened. The other night I met the owner Marty Eslick of this local bar and grill in Simpsonville South Carolina on 1205 North East Main Street while I’m out driving. Marty proceeds to tell me about this establishment that he owns. I told him I had visited one or two times before. He invited me to come to lunch to try his Philly cheesesteak sandwich because it is known as the best Philly cheese in Simpsonville. And right after I dropped him off, another two customers get in my car and they proceed to start telling me all about this great Philly cheesesteak when I mention the name of this bar and grill.

So the next day I invited a friend to join me to see what the fuss was all about this Philly cheesesteak sandwich.

The kitchen is open for lunch on Monday and Tuesday from 12 to 2 every other day, and then the kitchen is open til 10 pm for other options.

I accepted the invite because I do love me some good Philly cheese.

The bread was soft with a slight toasty texture which was perfect. The serving size of the meat was on overload of greatness. The ingredients were chopped mushrooms, onions, jalapeños, and cheese mixed in with the Philly steak. You cannot even taste the jalapeños, which was on point for me. The flavor was good but it could’ve used a little extra seasoning. However, if you want a simple good Philly cheesesteak original, this is the place to go get it.

It is served with either french fries or beer, battered onion rings. The onion rings were great and crispy. The french fries were seasoned very well not too fat and not too skinny, just right.

Would I order the Philly cheesesteak again? Absolutely YES!

I met the manager Brie McDowell who showed a very friendly attitude. She does all the bookings for the entertainment at The Station. She can be reached at

864-757-1166 to discuss venue and music opportunities.

Here is a list of events throughout the week if you’re ever in the Simpsonville area and want to visit The Station


free Pool ALL day


Live Music - bike night 830 to 1130

Thursday karaoke from 9 to1

Friday Live Music 9 to 1

Saturday Karaoke from 9 to 1

When you contact Brie, let her know that Focus Forward with Robin sent you.

About the experience:

Tasteful Tips & Trips with Robin” is not just an ordinary food blog! It’s about fun, adventure, and a lot of tasty foods as I travel to places along this journey road called life. I am all about traveling and experimenting food flavors and the mixtures of them. So what better way to spread the word to others about places that I visit and help promote businesses!

If you would like for me to visit your venue or restaurant or get a special interview with Focus Forward with Robin please email me at the name of your restaurant or business and location.

You may just see me show up unexpectedly one day with my big smile and readily appetite!

Robin Shockley is the Founder of “Focus Forward with Robin” she is a Writer of magazines, Radio/TV Talk Show Host with 106 Live Radio in Atlanta, Actress, Community Servant-Leader, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Author of books. She believes there is freedom to move forward in life to think, believe and achieve a thing. Contact Robin for future bookings to host your event or be a Speaker to help empower your audience.

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