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A Mothers Plea for Justice forms march in regards to son beaten in Greenville that led to his death

Updated: May 1

Justice for Cortland! That’s the words that Summer really is shouting loud and clear these days.

No mother wants to get the news that her son is gone forever.  The pain of Cortland Whitaker didn’t happen over night.  49 days prior to his death, something happened that changed Summer Lee forever. As we watch the interview shared with Facebook TikTok  and YouTube, we find  out the raw truth of this traumatic time.  




Exclusive detail interview

TikTok statement and photos 


(In process of uploading) 

Focus Forward with Robin interviewed Mother Summer Lee downtown Greenville a few weeks ago discussing the steps of awareness she is taking to bring “Justice for Cortland” to the public.

Calling all podcasters to contact me ASAP to get your interview about this story!   If You want the “real truth” Summer says she is ready to tell it! 

Summer Lee is the owner of The Flying Biscuit restaurant right here in Greenville, South Carolina.  Summer says “you would be surprised how things can easily turn one night from having a celebration of life to devastation of death 49 days later. “

If you would like to interview and hear her story why she is chosen to do this march on May 14 , 2014 from 1-3 reach out to me and I can set up a meeting for you or contact Summer Lee on social media or her restaurant Flying Biscuit Cafe - Downtown West-End, where Cortland managed the  restaurant and the catering. 

She is ready to let the words fall out and say what she has to say!  The plan is to start the march at Smiley’s On the Roxx (formally known as On the Roxx where the attack took place). 

To allow time for parking and to receive free T-shirts for all who attend, the march will start close to 2pm all the way down to City Hall on South Main Street.

You can read the full description of this mother’s plea for justice on / Justice for Cortland. 

Please consider an interview with your platforms. This story will go viral and already has over 450k views on Summer Lee’s TikTok.   Help Summer spread the word. If this was your son, nephew, brother or uncle, wouldn’t you want the truth to be told and justice served? 

She is requesting videographers and photographers behind scenes too on May 14th. She is also asking all those who have suffered violence in some form to show up and stand together on this journey March down Main Street Greenville SC.

This is declared a “peaceful march” and will maintain as such says Summer.  She says that she has tried to make contact and calls to the city, but she is not getting any responses. She also stated she’s trying to do everything the right way. There is so much to this story and so many questions to be answered.

Again, listen to the full video with the description of Cortland Whitaker‘s life here on earth up until the day his mother found him. 


Exclusive detail interview

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