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FFWR interview with Take off Mini Golf

Hey y’all’ if you love planes you’re going to love this NEW spot that just opened in April 2022 at the Downtown Airport in Greenville SC called Takeoff Mini Golf. I just wrapped up a Focus Forward with Robin exclusive WHY story interview with Meagan the owner.

Stay tuned as you will want to hear this message of how she chose to persevere through the obstacles of building her first business with her husband.

Meagan is very energetic and brings the corporate world business skills to her new business experience. She explained that she presented the idea with a great PowerPoint and the Airport accepted. With dedication and prayed Meagan says it took four and a half years to bring this dream to fruition. Her husbands runs a construction company so they teamed up and designed the mini golf course together. Even her youngest son took part in of the designs for the putt putters. She says that their second date her husband asked her weight and it shocked her. But his purpose was to take her up in the air to fly. Ever since they have been enjoying the view of seeing planes and now it has become a family environment.

I love the fact that Meagan and her husband had a dream and they took both their skills and built this business together so that other families can enjoy a place to share memories.

While I was there I saw families & teenagers come by, mostly grandparents with the children. However it will also be a fun date with that special someone. I noticed on the property several types of activities along with miniature golf. The location is right beside the runway so it’s a great advantage to watch the planes land and takeoff. Be sure to check out Takeoff Mini Golf and let Meagan know I sent you!

*Thanks to Shawn Callahan for this referral who is a special friend of Meagan and her family.

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