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FFWR interview with Author Que

Focus Forward with Robin had the pleasure to sit down with Author Que who traveled from Charlotte NC to meet with me at the IMC Meeting Center recently. We talked her life journey that she wrote in her book “Targeted at Birth”. I believe though it’s probably more common than we think, this is the most shocking story I have ever heard! Focus Forward with Robin discussed the why’s the how’s and the healing of this amazing woman & how she was transformed from pit to purpose! I met Author & Actress Qunetta on set while filming with Unknown Elite Entertainment Mike Simmons. She’s such a precious woman of purpose destined to do great things!

I love promoting others and helping build platforms to tell your stories.

If you are interested in my services, locally or nationally, contact me through my website as there is no place I won’t go or story I won’t tell. I travel the distance to help get you the exposure & get your story told. Let’s connect! Remember if you think I think you believe a thing if you believe a thing you will achieve it! Robin Shockley

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