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Williams Elite Colorado Experience and Awards

To Talk about the Colorado Rockies experience with Dr. John Williams, is a time I will never forget. Last month I visited Colorado and had a great experience. I want to give a Focus Forward with Robin review of the Williams Elite Colorado experience & awards and about my visit. 

When I received the call, I was very excited that I was going be part of a very prestigious event coming up.   Focus Forward with Robin was scheduled to be catching some behind-the-scenes with interviews and after article write up to feature One of my very special brothers with his organization John WIlliams Come On In Inc. and partnership with Extraordinary People Awards with Laverne Adekunle. 

Colorado is a beautiful mountain state.  And when I arrived in Colorado Springs at the airport, I look and see who picks me up. Not anyone other than Dr. John WIlliams himself. We sat down to a brief dinner and caught up a bit then headed on over to hotel and there was a team of soccer players from around the country. (mostly California) The parents were getting pictures of him and the kids with the championship belts. That’s John for you.  He’s Always looking to see who he can put a smile on people's faces.

 I fought hard to get to this trip because it was so important to me to come as his Ambassador to serve his event not only to be getting interviews and hosting the red carpet but just serving him and Brenda as they needed me to. They’re only a few people in my life that I can say I would travel across the world for, and Dr. John is one of them. He lives thousands and miles away from me, but he and his wife have proven their loyalty to me a few times, so I had to show them that I’m very loyal to them as well.

Dr. John and Dr. Laverne had a great kickoff of their Hall of Honors event in Colorado Springs, Colorado beginning with Friday night. This event was planned to honor the martial arts and community leaders for their outstanding, distinguished service, philanthropy, and humanitarianism. Friday night we met with various people such as ambassador Grace Lewis Nagamine. Also such people as Grandmaster Jessie Bowen and Elder Dempster along with many others were in the room at the Meet and Greet on Friday Night to receive interviews by Focus Forward with Robin. 

And then on Saturday, some of us took a hike up to the mountain. That was an experience because some of us just took pictures, which I was one of them.

We also visited the local barbecue spot for time of lunch & fellowship. During this time, we got to know one another laugh and I was able to break bread with some great influentials across the country. 

And then it was time to get ready for the big celebration.  Dr. (John Williams) knows how to put on an event. We had entertainers in the room, performers, and people representing various countries. It definitely was an event to be a part of.  It was a blessing just to be in the room. 

Graduation was the first part of the program. People received their Masters Bachlor and Doctrine Degrees in various subjects. It was a great honor to help assist with the program.

While there in Colorado I received a medal and trophy for the Williams Extraordinary Elite Hall of Honor from Dr. John and Dr. Laverne who are prestigious people who serve communities in America and around the world. Also, I received my certificate with the awards. It was special night where so many people from across America was honored and from parts of the world. Even Ghana was represented to receive Honor.

It made me feel special when Dr. John WIlliams made the phone call to let me know how much he appreciated me for everything I did to help for the event. It came naturally. I love to serve, and it was great meeting such wonderful people from other countries and from the United States. Great news is coming soon about more of my involvement with this awards program. I am very humbly blessed to receive this recognition and to be among so many heroes. 

If you would like to partner with the Come on In Elite Global nonprofit, reach out to myself or Dr. John Williams. We service people in cities such as women shelter and other countries with their needs in community.

YouTube footage and videos:

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