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FFWR Dr. John WIlliams

Can you imagine sitting with your siblings on Christmas morning at age 15, around the tree and everybody getting a Christmas present but you? And then told later, we didn’t forget you, we just didn’t want to get you anything.

If you missed yesterday show you can watch it here.


Dr John WIlliams shares his full WHY story on the Focus Forward with Robin at 106 Live Radio in Atlanta where he came from Pit 2 purpose! Y’all hear me always talking about “Dr. John” well here’s your CHance to know why he and his family is special to me!

Focus Forward With Robin Shockley Tune in & Listen LIVE 🎧 10/20/22 at 3-4pm EST

View us LIVE: 106 Live Radio Facebook or View us LIVE: 106 Live Radio Facebook or

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