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Carolina 2x Shine Tours with The Hip Hop Rodeo

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

#carolina2xshine ( is on the move with #mrBigSouth Music management team. He is on a tour with the Hip Hop Rodeo of Fever Entertainment featuring other performers going from city to city with videography team Self Made Legend Productions (

Coming up and back at it again on it March 7th with The hip-hop rodeo with Mr. Big South music management team at the meet and greet #steelers34 @terrelledmundsthegoat34 @team_edmunds34 of the Pittsburgh Steelers C2XS will be in the room at this meet and greet moment. The doors open at 7pm with a ticket entrance to be in the room with Mr Terrell Edmunds at 8pm and performance starts at 9pm with

Carolina 2x Shine kicking off the show with his new country rap style. Come meet the performers and amazing football pro Terrell Edmunds in the room at the Slingshot in Charlotte NC.

All media & blogger platforms welcome. Tickets for guests can be purchased at the door.

Contact Public Relations Robin Shockley with Mr. Big South music management team at for more details.

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