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Are you ready to promote yourself?

Let’s connect!! Let #focusforwardwithRobin help get your brand exposed publicly from live in person & virtual interviews ad sales magazine articles & food reviews life coaching and public speaking. As well as a brand ambassador for your product! #FocusForwardWithRobin is a brand name. Let’s get you branded too!! “Building your portfolio one step at a time it’s going to get you to your next_________” #robinshockley

building others while I build myself it’s the focus forward with Robin Way!

Let's tell your story through magazines or in person WHY Story interviews locally or in your town. Robin Shockley travels the country helping expose businesses through social media branding. A client can have an interview right in the comfort of their own home or they can travel the distance to Atlanta and be at the 106 live radio station. Let's see how we can make a connection to take your business brand to the next level.

Who is Robin Shockley?

Bio of Robin Shockley

Robin Shockley is a native of Greenville SC but travels all over the country with her PR business promoting small businesses and impacting lives, not limited to, but mostly in the music & movie industry. She brings her advocacy skills of caring for others whether it be youth or adults across the globe helping impact positivity as being a Domestic Violence Advocate, Actress, Author, Radio/TV Talk Show host with “Focus Forward with Robin”, Media Publicist and contributing Writer for various magazines such as her own S.W.I.F.T. Magazine geared toward single women in focus today. Robin is a servant leader coach and Public Motivational Speaker who helps others to believe in the power of positivity no matter what your experiences are if you Choose to think believe and achieve a thing through serving community.

She has received several awards such as the 2016 Community Creative Brilliance Award, 2018 Living Legends Power of Women Award, 2019 & 2021 Woman of Strength Award & the 2020 Extraordinary People’s International Media Award. She also is the USA Goodwill Ambassador for Come on Inc based out of Colorado. She recently was awarded the Presidential Volunteer SERVICE Award 2020 as well as the Woman of the Year ExtraOrdinary Peoples Award for 2021. She is the BLF Public Relations agent of the year 2022 and the Distinguished “BE YOU” recipient for 2022. Recently she was crowed as recipient of the 2023 Woman of Honor in Atlanta Georgia. And she recently created her own magazine SWIFTMag for single women in focus today.

Although awards & recognitions are nice, Robin’s purpose in life is being the link between the person who needs help and the person who can help. She motivates people to recognize their potential, purpose & passion for moving forward in life while living their best legacy today through serving others. She is the Founder of Girls Gifted 4 God Outreach where she serves her community with facilitating Vision Board Workshops, speaking events & providing a platform for others to build their brand while she builds hers too. Robin travels around the country interviewing others to share their WHY stories for social media & magazines. She is the bridge maker that inspires individuals and small businesses to gain confidence to recognize the importance of stepping forward to make a difference now for future generations. Contact Robin Shockley for your next event to speak, perform, host or facilitate your next event.

You can book Robin Shockley for services by contacting her through her website or on mostly all social media platforms.

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