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You matter too

Today I want you to know that you are important too! Nomatter what color you are, nomatter what title you hold, Nomatter your financial status, nomatter what age you are Nomatter what someone has said, YOU MATTER TOO! I’m reminded of when I was at work one day. A lady called the office in a panic that she received a subpoena to reach someone who could help her. I tried to page the person but they must have been unavailable so she called back. And I told her "I'm just the receptionist". Meaning, I don't handle cases, I just transfer the calls. And she quickly reminded me "You're important too". (Needless to say, she got connected!!😀)

That stuck with me because, if it wasn't for me being available to "answer" the call and then to "transfer" the call, the two people wouldn't connect for the lady to get the help she needed.

One of my main purposes in life is the be the link to connect the one who needs help and the one who can be the helper. Today I had to realize it again with this example.

We all matter. We all are important in this world! There is so much division going on and how do we bring UNITY to our cultures with one another? We start by seeing value in each other. One by one.

It doesn't matter what you do as long as you do your best at it.

Let's choose to make a difference by letting others know in the little & big ways, "YOU ARE IMPORTANT TOO!"

"Impacting one generation to another by the positive seeds we sow today" #focusforwardwithrobin #knowyourvalue #makingadifference #youmattertoo #fruitfullipsmultiply #wakeup

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