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Women empowerment show

Im excited that on Sunday January 8th at 3pm I will have these two lovely grand master martial artists on my show!!!! They are hosting a women’s empowerment event in Atlanta Georgia February 4. Below is their Story:

Our Vision: Boldly Be You is a movement of empowerment to assist women and young ladies to rise to their full potential and expand upon their inner strengths & greatness. We are senior ranking Martial Arts Women who have jointly come together to provide a spiritual haven of love, power & strength for women to challenge their inner warrior called self. By utilizing the Martial Arts/Sciences, Meditation, Prayer, Fitness, Nutrition & Mental Wellness, we can all be that woman who is self-protected, loved, with a healthy healing mentality, as well as, be fit to handle life's raging storms.

Focus Forward With Robin Shockley Tune in & Listen LIVE 🎧 Sundays at 3-4pm EST

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