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Winning is more than a feeling

"Winning is more than a feeling winning is a lifestyle" Funny I mentioned today on my video that secular songs speak to me like my gospel songs do. When I was in the car recently the song “more than a feeling” was playing by Boston. It’s a sad song of loosing someone and he’s dreaming about her in his music, but then realizes she walked away. Songs have value if you can tap into the moment of them. Immediately when I heard the chorus I chose to see that winning was more than just a feeling. Though losses come our way we have choices to win and let it be a lifestyle, not just an emotional feeling.

One time on the “Focus Friday” message & motivation video I talked about “how to focus forward with renewing your focus” I shared how I took a 3 day road trip alone to Atlanta (first time ever) many years ago to find myself and little did I know that 6 years after that trip my life would fall apart but put me on a different path for purpose. God was pruning me and recharging me back then for what was coming in the life of singleness. I now travel monthly to Atl for my Focus Forward with Robin talk show.

See, God knows the ending of a thing. He wants more than a feeling from us! But we must be mature enough to follow his path. Get out of the day dreaming stages and move into the action and focus stage of your life.

I messed up a lot over the years, but God’s grace kept me and redirected me back on track with him. I’m still growing and learning.

Focus Friday Video from a few years ago that comes from my book.

Watch & apply the challenge of this 10 min video to help you to renew your focus too!

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