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Who is ready to take the Monday Challenge to focus forward?

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

I have a friend who bought a newspaper once. She came from the projects in our small town of Berea, South Carolina. In HighSchool She was a teenage unwed mother. She graduated! She is a more of an inspiration to me than she could ever realize! But the story continues.

I Often remind myself of her story when I’m challenged to take the leap of faith. One day after church she bought a newspaper. She said “God wherever you want me to go I’ll go” she closed her eyes and pointed her finger on the new paper which landed on the Atlanta Georgia Area. She took the jump and she moved.

She told me that she struggled to even pay for her daycare fees but somehow God worked it out while she was trying to make ends meet raisin her kids in a single family home.

So she started her journey to raise her 3 kids the best she knew how depending on God to lead her. Her children grew up and she ended up getting her degree to be a Principal which later She ended up moving to a town near Dubai and becoming a schoolteacher.

(She was on my show in 2018 and it was her story that prompted me in 2017 to start doing paper interviews that lead up to the Focus Forward with Robin brand)

She had courage and probably was fearful but she did it anyway! Now that’s bravery!! We often say “God we will do whatever you want us to do, we will go wherever you want us to go” but yet we’re not willing to give up some of the opportunities that are before us or give up people in our lives because we’re afraid of letting them go and not being loved. Or we fear not making it…

However all the while God could be waiting on us to make that move to give us more blessings than we can ever imagine!

This woman was my very first black friend growing up at age 6. We would walk to school together and her mother would fix me corn flakes breakfast before school. And sometimes I went to their all black church. I felt cared for and I had no idea what racial discrimination was. All I saw was love and friendship. Because of that, my children was raised with that same concept thinking.

Who would have thought many adult years later we would reconnect and her life story would have such a huge impact on my decisions. I haven’t even spoken to her in a few years but I still remember. Never discredit the people that come in your life & everyone is put there to teach you a lesson or either give you a blessing.

Today I encourage you just as I encourage myself close your eyes pray and ask God what is it that he would have you do who is it that he wants you to let go of and what is it you need to do for his plan to manifest in your life?

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