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Who is Carolina 2x Shine?


What’s going on Carolina 2x Shine? Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I’m Carolina 2x Shine from Morganton, North Carolina from aka the Mo, baccwoods living, hottest rising country rap star out of the Carolinas.

Tell us about life growing up in North Carolina.

From the baccwoods of North Carolina opportunities are limited, doors get closed every day, everything I have, I had to work and grind for. Why my motto is grind time, is Carolina shine time. It has beautiful scenery, lakes and mountains but trying to be successful from the Mo, is not a common thing. Came from a single strict parent home, a lot of her attributes and work ethics and values are what I live by today. Responsibilities, love, and care and tackling adversity and never running from it.

How did music become your passion?

As a kid I had a talent for voice, and I was told I had the attributes to be a preacher. I grew up believing music was in my future and couldn’t cuss around my mom. I had to be creative with my style so I could do what I like and be around my mother. around my teenage years 12-13.

Describe your musical style.

Music style is unique and crafty, MR. Big south and I call it country hip hop/rap i consider it country tunes about country lifestyle with an up flow tempo rhythm style. Most country songs are more singing, My producer ATG added 808’s to the country tunes to be compatible with my sound and energy. I would like S/O Lecrae, Pimp C, Bow Wow, Nelly , Tim Mcgraw , Ace Hood, OutKast definitely can’t forget about the legends of the game 2 Pac and Biggie.

Tell our readers about your new single ‘Shine On Em’ and where it’s available.

Carolina Shine on em is a statement the song is about dominating your lane because the reason is Mr. Big South and the team and I knew the lane was open and challenging when i came out with the first song i wanted to make a statement that i am going to dominate my lane through hard work and grinding. I can’t look at other rappers and singers cause my lane is different and unique I’m here to dominate my lane and build my legacy in the country hip hop genre.

My music is available on all streaming Platforms.

What else do you enjoy doing?

You know I’m from the baccwoods, keep that shine on us, you know how we get down, 4 wheeling, mudding, fishing, dirt biking, going to the lake, pipe up go to the mountains might get a cabin that country living style. you know how we do.

Coming into 2022 what can we expect from you?

A Break through with more fire, meaningful, clean, lit, type country hip hop songs, EP probably releasing around the end of 2022 doing more shows, Mr. Big South and i are open to bring the Carolina 2x Shine Show to family festivals, regular festivals, Car Shows etc. to gain more exposure to my brand.

What makes Carolina Shine the Industries Most Wanted? I’m the industry most wanted because I’m dominant at what I do . I’m passionate about what I do . I motivate fans to do what they love no matter what it is, I’m motivated because of what I love to do, knocking down barriers and building my brand into legacy giving the industry clean music vibes. That’s what made Carolina shine industries most wanted, Grind time is Carolina shine time and I’m wanted by the industry. That’s why I’m in the industry most wanted.

Where can our readers follow you online?

Tik Tok , Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Triller, etc.

Any S/O’s?

Would like to thank God first, I would like to Shout Out the team, My executive producer at Gat 3 where we record at, Erin for photography , Robin Shockley my PR Specialist , everybody in the Mo, Shout Out the Carolina’s, Shout out Self Made Legends Productions, want to save the best for last, words can’t even explain it i want to thank my Manager , My Brother , My Mentor , My Ace in the hole , My Business Partner , AKA Mr. Big South AKA Boss blessing to have Mr. Big South as we take on this journey, it is very important to have people in your corner who still put God first Big South has been a blessing for the Team and I and we are grateful of his good work for this brand. You know how we do it. Grind time is Carolina Shine Time. Big South Music Lets Get it!

I believe I’m the Young music artist who changes up the way Country & hip hop is viewed! I offer Clean cut music that’s sure to get your feet dancing!

Carolina 2X Shine


Mr. Big South Email:


Robin Shockley Email:

Music video performed and produced by Selv'Made Zay with SLM Productions. On January 22nd 2022 we received best video of the year for 2021 at the Carolina Country Music Association's Awards hosted by Sweet Tea in Fayetteville NC.

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