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I bet you did not know this about me

Here’s a story about me Focus Forward with Robin, Interviewer, Model, talkshow host, columnist writer, Actress, Author & Public Relations Agent that I bet you didn’t know. I goofed off my freshman year of HighSchool and failed every test with a F in English, but somehow passed with a D-. And I bet you didn’t know I signed up for the Journalism class that same year, but insecurity took over and I dropped out of the class the same week because I didn’t think I could fit in to learn. I bet you didn’t know I was bullied throughout my entire childhood and teen years that lead me to a relationship of abuse. And I bet you didn’t know that I’ve never taken public speaking classes or received a college degree, and yet here we are, in 2023 at 51 years old living a life that some only dream about. And to add, it all came to fruition in a four year time span and it still is going forward…

But let me share, my obstacles is what pushed me to dream and reach higher! I’d like to give credit to this person or that person for the successes of my journey thus far, but credit has to go to my ultimate teacher and coach... Jesus Christ. He’s guided me and believed in me when nobody else did. And when I was scared or afraid, that’s when he sent encouragers to train me how to speak in public and guided me how to talk to people one on one. My personality is a part of Him and how He made me and my bubbly attitude, well for the one who told me they can’t handle my happiness all the time, you’re free to go somewhere else.

This shine doesn’t dim, because I know how far I’ve come as an overcomer and I can’t be anything but JOYFUL. I don’t have deceit motives or sadness, only love for the human mankind. And if you take time to know me, you will know my hearts intent. I build people while I choose to continue to build myself too.

If you are a teen, man or woman and have struggled with low self esteem or think because of what label someone has placed on you, chat with me! I offer services to help build people to think believe and achieve their mini and large goals. I teach you how to make connections with others and grow your passion.

Today I was reminded of how far I’ve come. Just when I think I can’t do one more thing God reminds me yes you can! I am a Professional Maximizer. I see potential and I maximize the moment to bring it to fruition!

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