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The Journey of Robin Shockley

When an amazing Actor named Andray Johnson out of California reached out to me 13 years ago on Facebook asking if I was “The Robin Shockley” who was the Actress & Film Director, I chuckled and said no way because I had no idea that 10 years later I would actually be associated with multiple Actors/Actresses and Film Directors through hosting Red Carpets, Interviews with my own Media Talk Show and writing Articles about them.

And so now, another decade begins and it’s a whole new era. I am now considered an Actress myself as in 2020 I was featured in commercials, stage plays & mini movies. My quote, “humble beginnings produces victorious endings” has truly carried me these last 10 years.

My life is a testimony that you can begin again after making mistakes. Never limit God and what he desires for your life. I put a lid on dreams that I didn’t even know existed!

I’m so thankful for all the people who has motivated me, critiqued me and helped strengthen me to build people at the same time while building myself. You know who you all are! God has let you plants seeds in the ground of my life and the legacy of it is growing everyday! It's important to believe in yourself to succeed in anything. Even when the odds are against you keep pressing forward not looking to the left or to the right but let God be your guide that is how I choose to Think believe and achieve my goals.

I am making so many wonderful connections just because I choose to sow where I want to grow in life. I was told a 2nd time tonight that my life is more than just my brand name. God has so much more in me to be birthed and in 2023 I choose to be Fearless as I go for it and embrace this new process.

I now am an actress as well as currently helping with being the assistant Director and Videographer for a new movie coming out!! Words give life!! When I write my life story book which is already partly been written this story will be in it!! God bless those who take this journey with me and I always say my "everything attached to me wins it's because who I'm attached to which is the man upstairs"

The key is Helping others & that is my main passion! Because of my life story I help others build brands with their own story!

Thank you all because it’s true that peace love & harmony will bring blessings to you! ✌️❤️🎶 Focus Forward with Robin

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