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I don’t know…. sometimes people deal with pain in different ways. sometimes people deal with pain silently through alcohol or drugs or sometimes they lash out at you and get mad. please watch for the signs. everybody needs to watch for the signs. Years ago I was fighting such a heavy depression inwardly and I would lash out outwardly and be negative. Everybody in my family thought I was just a negative person but I was dealing with a lot of trauma privately and I didn’t know how to share my pain with someone so I would put on a fake smile and carry-on about my routines of life not knowing how to truly cope or get healed…

What did I do? I finally told somebody the hurt that was going on. And I mean I told the right somebody. For many years I was telling the wrong person not knowing nothing would change by doing that. Friends who acted like they really were my friends were not the ones who supported me they actually enabled me without giving me a good sound advice of a solution. 

If you are dealing with depression or sadness this holiday season over situation please reach out to somebody who is the right somebody that can help point you in a Good direction for help. I did and now when sadness tries to creep in I fight it I have no energy for it I won’t let it stick around for a long length of time because I know what it feels like to almost lose your life a couple of times and I don’t want to ever get back to that feeling again. I’m grateful that I have a few friends I can call and message and say hey I need your help I need your guidance I need to know how to handle this situation. But it took Many years to get back to that attitude of trusting.  praying today for the broken ones that you will get the courage to reach out to somebody for solutions and receive it when they help… 

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