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Being Fearless

Updated: Feb 7

Our lives can be all about adventure but there comes a time to sit back and reflect on the doors We’ve walked through that were presented to us. Some have been effective in positive ways and some well, let’s say lessons. But Life is good. It’s very good. Not perfect but good and we should challenge ourselves daily to explore what God has for us.

After all, we are the only ones who can believe in ourself to make things happen right?

Choose today to reflect on those doors you’ve walked through in life and not fear it, but embrace what it taught you. Focus Forward with Robin #blogger #talkshowhost #magazinecolumnist #communitybuilder #reflections #focusforwardwithrobin #robinshockley #motivationmessage

**photo credits Iseeyouphotography /Jermaine McCullough

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