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Trubroth on Main Street Travelers Rest

After church one Sunday I could not decide where to go and I ended up here at Trubroth on Main Street in Travelers Rest SC. It’s a Vietnamese family-owned restaurant. The spring rolls are different. They are wrapped in rice paper filled with rice noodles shrimp and mint leaves with a side of peanut sauce. It is so different but yet so good and satisfying. My meal was the Beef Pho Entree.

It is a nourishing Rice noodle Soup made from grass fed beef bone broth simmered for 20 plus hours using a variety of anti- inflammatory herbs, topped with slices of tenderloin beef and vegetables.

I ordered the small portion, and it still was too much. The atmosphere is very peaceful as well as colorful. The son who works there is like a little adult who knows everything about the business from taking orders, to taking money to knowing the dishes to choose from. They also serve bubble tea of different flavors. My favorite is the Thai tea. If you’re traveling through this small historic town, this place is a must try!

Tasteful Tips & Trips with Robin” is not just an ordinary food blog! It’s about fun, adventure, and a lot of tasty foods as I travel to places along this journey road called life. I am all about traveling and experimenting food flavors and the mixtures of them. So, what better way to spread the word to others about places that I visit and help promote businesses! If you would like for me to visit your venue or restaurant, please email me at the name of your restaurant and location. You may just see me show up unexpectedly one day with my big smile and readily appetite!

Robin Shockley is the Founder of “Focus Forward with Robin” she is a Writer of magazines, Talk Show Host, Actress, Public Relations Agent, Community Servant-Leader, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Author of books. She believes there is freedom to move forward in life to think, believe and achieve a thing. Contact Robin for future bookings to host your event or be a Speaker to help empower your audience.

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