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Tasteful Tips & Trips Food review of Captain Quarters

If you’re ever traveling through the south stop by a place called captains quarters in a little town called Santee South Carolina. If you blink you’re going miss it.

While traveling recently for some “me time”, I stopped by. Upon arrival, on a Friday night, I was told the wait list was about 25 minutes because the golfers were in town and I didn’t have reservations. It was a very classy seafood and steak style atmosphere.

Finally After waiting an hour to be seated, I was able to order. My choice selection was the thirty dollar 10oz medium Ribeye steak and baked potatoe with salad and a glass of red Cabernet. The environment was relaxing and the steak was so tender. Actually the best steak I’ve ever had. The server was a sweet little old lady who looked just like my grandmother Nelda. God rest her soul. The waitress has been working at this restaurant for over 30 years. This beautiful wrapped around place was an old country money feel. I liked it.

Will I go back? Probably not. The hostess wasn’t as friendly or hospitable as I thought she could have been. I felt she was maybe overwhelmed with the crowd and because I didn’t have a reservation, she didn’t seem to care we waited an hour to sit. But when leaving, she was apologetic. I think it was because some one may have overheard me speaking outside on the porch that I was a food blogger and told her.

When choosing locations to eat and deciding to visit a second time, its more than just the taste of the food. It’s the whole package of the room.

Although I may not return is probably because I’m not sure if I’ll ever visit that little town again, not because of the food or the negative energy from the greeting.

Tasteful Tips & Trips with Robin” is not just an ordinary food blog! It’s about fun, adventure, and a lot of tasty foods as I travel to places along this journey road called life. I am all about traveling and experimenting food flavors and the mixtures of them. So what better way to spread the word to others about places that I visit and help promote businesses!

If you would like for me to visit your venue or restaurant please email me at the name of your restaurant and location.

You may just see me show up unexpectedly one day with my big smile and readily appetite!

Robin Shockley is the Founder of “Focus Forward with Robin” she is a Writer of magazines, TV Talk Show Host, Actress, Community Servant-Leader, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Author of books. She believes there is freedom to move forward in life to think, believe and achieve a thing. Contact Robin for future bookings to host your event or be a Speaker to help empower your audience.

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