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Tasteful Tips on a Hollywood Trip

Recently I was on a business trip traveling to Hollywood California to promote one of my clients with GNG Productions as the PR Agent. While visiting there for work, I came up on a few places to eat that made me want to go back should I return to the state again. After walking the streets on Rodeo Drive that afternoon, we turned the corner and some of the production team decided to eat at Ocean Prime restaurant in Beverly Hills located at on 9595 Wiltshire Boulevard.

The weather was nice but a little chilly. However, we decided to sit outside. Behind our table was a fire that was lit all across the wall so that kept us warm and cozy. Our server was amazing. He let us know that William Morris, the biggest talent agency in the world was right there where we were and that we were in the “right place”. He was so friendly and on point with serving the food. For appetizers we had the Camden sushi roll which consist of tempura shrimp, cream cheese, scallion, and beef carpaccio. It was very flavorful and the Hollywood movie Producer Mr. Larry Derr actually enjoyed his first real authentic sushi taste! Of course, I loved it as Sushi is one of my favorite choices of food. We also had the selection of oysters on the half shell that was very good with some tabasco sauce.

Each person ordered something different as their main course meal. My preference was the large pan seared Sea Scallops cooked to perfection and served with parmesan risotto English peas and citrus vinaigrette. I was savoring every bite. I am a huge fan of scallops and to cook them without the rubber taste or to have them be too mushy is difficult.

The Chef who prepared this meal did an excellent preparation with presentation and taste. I feel this was the best scallops I’ve ever eaten. My drink choice was the red cabernet although a dry white wine probably would have matched my pallet. But still It was the perfect meal for the perfect day spent with my team of GNG Productions.

I highly recommend Ocean Prime In Beverley Hills. The cost is worth it because of the value of the food the restaurant brings to the table. Robin’s Tasteful Tips & Trips gives this restaurant a five star in service, presentation and taste.

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