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My weekly win is that being a Mother I didn’t cry today

Woke up to a post in my group S.W.I.F.T. Magazine asking: what is your weekly small win? Not crying emotionally. That is my weekly small win. Mother’s Day is not a popular day for me although it’s a big holiday to celebrate for Mothers.

Its the one holiday that is supposed to bring lots of joy, the day that is special in the hearts of those showing love and care for their mothers.

I don’t see my children on Mother’s Day or my grandchildren. It’s been years that I’ve spent a day with them. My daughter is not in my life and refuses to allow me the access to see my grandchildren. Most everyone who knows me, knows this and some know the reasons why except for me. My ex is now married, and I’m happy for him but the new wife gets the joy of spending time in the place where I would be. And my son lives three hours away living his own life with his new bride. I’m very happy for him and he has a wonderful mother n law who is there for him. But I raised my kids. I was there for them through sickness and pain through healing and health, through fun times and hard times and yet I’m the one who gets left out. Today is the day that is supposed to be MY DAY yet, it’s the day that doesn’t even exist for me. So excuse me for having emotions but holding back the tears this weekend.

I know I’m not alone as a mother and a grandmother who longs to have have time with her children and grandchildren but due to reasons she can’t. There are thousands I’m sure of mothers who are in the same situation as myself, and it’s not by the Mothers choice. There are those with busy lives, and you choose to overloook your mom. And there are those who are bitter who choose to forget your mom. If your mother miss treated you or abused you emotionally and damaged you to a toxic formality then I ask you to forgive her and ask God to help you get your healing.

But this blog is for the Mothers who are good mothers,

And you know without a shadow of a doubt that you loved unconditionally and was the best mother that you knew how to be with God’s help. You are the mothers that I have compassion for.

And unless you have walked this road it’s hard for you to have the understanding of what it feels like to have that emotions inside and rejection that you are not valued as you would hope to be. After all you’re the one who gave the birth, you’re the one who suffered the pain when nobody was looking or nobody noticed. You’re the one who sacrificed in ways that can’t be explained or be understood through a child’s eyes and you’re the one who gets left behind.

So for me my weekly win for this Mother’s Day week is, I didn’t break down and cry this year. Being a single woman in focus today I still have emotions but I also still have strength and I thank God he helps carry me through day by day to not let my sadness over power my joy.

This is not a pity blog. This is a blog for awareness for mothers who are ignored and never noticed and rejected.

If your mother is alive, and you are able to see her or call her I encourage you to send a message or a phone call or a visit to let her know that although you may can’t spend this very day with her, tell her that she is on your mind. And to all Mothers, Today I challenge you to cherish every moment you have with your children and value the time spent.

This is my blog and and I own it. No one can tell me how to feel and no one can write the story but me. Not sure why God has chosen me to be the one to face these trials over the last several years and be the example. But I’m grateful I’m still alive and I’m able to help comfort & encourage another mother who may be facing the same things. The mothers out there who are missing their children whether they’re alive or not alive I’m praying for you today and I ask you to pray for me too.

If you are a grandparent and you’re not able to see your grandchildren here is an article that will be encouraging to you that has helped give me some understanding and insight about grandparent alienation.

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