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Just watch me now!

Let me just say this right here. Know who your true friends are. If someone is continuously telling you “you’re not all that” or “ you think you’re better”

Well don’t you dare shrivel up and back down to their standards of words!

Baby, know that you are all that! God says it so hold your head held high proudly! And baby yes you have the right to think you are better! You are not better than any other person but you’re better than what you used to be! You’re growing forward!

So when somebody is around you and they don’t understand your drive and your passion for success don’t let it sink in your spirit with hurt and bitterness and anger but just know they’re not in alignment of where God is taking you!

Believe me God will replace the negative with a positive when you stay in alignment and surround yourself with the right people who not only believe in you but they understand when you are elevating to be a better you! Whether it’s personal whether it’s business whether it’s spiritual.

Here is your Friday FOCUS don’t you dare let nobody hold you back from the purpose and call you know God has placed you to do! If someone comes up to you and they tell you “ you think you’re all that” or “you think you’re better”

you shake your head and say yes ma’am yes sir that is correct because that’s what God tells me and his opinion matters more than anything else!

Deuteronomy 28 says I am the head and I’m not the tail I’m above and not beneath I’m a lender and I’m not a borrower I’m Blessed in the city and I’m blessed in this field!

So if God’s word says it his opinion matters far more than anyone else.

Hold your head high brother or sister and walk in your gift proudly and not be ashamed or belittled to standards of people that don’t understand what God is doing in your life.

Love those people with kindness but move away in a distance because they are not going in the same direction where you’re going.

Let’s end 2022 strong in our minds with confidence that God will give us the discipline the discernment and the direction to know who we are to be attached to and linked up with for our lives.

Speaking prayer blessings on everyone today!! Happy Friday!!

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