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It’s not Over….

I never even dreamed of the possibility of things I’m doing to be a reality. But God favors me and I’m grateful. When the Bible talks about God will pour out blessings that you won’t be able to contain it you act shocked. But it really shouldn’t shock you because it’s what you have prayed for on repeat for many years! It just happens to come out in HIS timing.

I remember singing Israel & New Breed song “it’s not over” and speaking things to come. Now they are here but not the way I thought in my own mind for them to be. I’m not only reaching & helping community in small ways as I limited myself to my belief. But NOW today I am impacting others through helping people in the streets churches & businesses around the country and WORLD!! What if I had of said no to the call of POTENTIAL that was waiting on myself to rise up? What if I had focused on everything I lost and focused on being alone?

I’d still be wondering if there was something else in life beyond those trees! I was 46 years old when I first began my life as a....

Domestic Violence Advocate

Magazine Columnist


Public Relations Specialist

Talk Show Host/Interviewer

Adventure Traveler



Product line Entrepreneur

Public Speaker OUTSIDE of churches

Around the USA and the World

Ambassador for non profits

Award recipient and giver

Humanitarian for another country

All this has happened because I chose to sow where I wanted to grow and get myself in the rooms. But first I had to RISE UP & CATCH IT! I had to catch the vision to focus forward with a new bold & brave life that was designed by God for me and not listen to the voices around me but to be centered on the vision & voice of truth that was inside me. And my story is still being written.

Moral of the story: It doesn’t matter about your age, your past, your challenges so don’t focus on the cant’s and the stuck mentality. Choose to FOCUS FORWARD on the think believe achieve mindset. Then let me know how it works out for you! I believe in you! Focus Forward with Robin

Photo credit Jermaine McCullough with Iseeyouphotography

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